About Us

In purchasing the farm in 1996, our vision was to raise our family on organic food and live ‘The Good Life’.


Despite originally learning by trial and error (with many, many errors), the farm has evolved and improved over the years.  We have met many wonderful people and have been blessed with the friendship and help of many talented and gifted people.


We are very proud that this year (2015) both of our children completed their PDC, and our youngest his Permaculture Trainer Course.


Contributions by WWOOFERS making our farm more beautiful.

I am adamant that farms should be beautiful.  It is sad to see farms that look half junk yard. Its not always possible but we achieve what we can with the help of WWOOFERS. WWOOFERS stands for willing workers on organic farms. They come from all over the world, normally stay an average of 3 or 4 weeks, and exchange hours of work for home and food. Many of them have been wonderful swimming partners or friends to our two children. We encourage any artistic talents they may have. Weeding is always a necessity but its nice when they can also create things that will stay long after they are gone. Many WWOOFERS are a real asset, others not. But we try to enjoy and learn from the variety and experience the good ones bring into our home.