Special Residential “ME” days Planned for 2016

28 February – 5 March
10 – 16 April
8 – 14 May
15 – 19 June
11 – 17 September
9 – 15 October


Son Barrina is a working organic farm in the heart of Mallorca, easily accessed by train or road.  This is the perfect location to de-stress, detox and recharge for the months ahead.   What better way to start a new beginning?

We are offering “wellness days”, giving people the opportunity to experience healthy 100% organic food, yoga classes, AN-DI treatments, SCIO treatments and luxurious massages as well as those from a qualified physiotherapist in addition to detoxing foot spas and infra red treatments.

Our chefs, Andrea and Rosa, will be happy to share their knowledge of nutrition as well as vegetarian, vegan and raw food preparation with you.

This week is just about you.  Every one of us needs to be in the best possible state for us to deal with the heavy demands of life.  We aim to ensure that you achieve the best results possible from this investment.  This holiday is certainly not the cheapest holiday in the sun you could choose.  However we will give you a 100% organic diet, fresh juices from freshly picked produce, yoga classes and guided walks and a range of special treatments and massages that will all aid the wonderful feeling of well being you will have by the time you leave.

I have suffered Lyme disease for the past 14 years.  At my lowest point I could hardly walk and every movement required major effort.  I think I tried all conventional and alternative treatments available.  But through all of the above I now consider myself normally healthy and active.  I would also be happy to share my experiences with any other Lyme sufferers.

Places start from 1500 euros but reductions are available for couples and people willing to share.

We all deserve this type of experience!