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PermaMed Son Barrina

The Permaculture Circles
Education in Practice and Action

Ecological education is perhaps the most useful activity that can be undertaken in these current times.

Humanity has never before had so much information on how to manage the resources of the earth, nor has the knowledge of how the planet functions been so extensive and profound. Now we must put this knowledge into practice, a task which will be carried out by the next generation. Yet most educational models are based on obsolete paradigms which do not share the ecological and social perspectives that will come to mark life in the coming decades.

The group PermaMed is collaborating with Son Barrina Finca to develop an innovative, inspiring, and experiential demonstration site where ecological education will be available for island residents as well as visitors.


The Design of Sustainable Human Environments

Permaculture is a practical design methodology based on the science of ecology that seeks to integrate humanity with the ecosystem we live in, in a manner that is sustainable in the future. Developed in the 70s, Permaculture reflects the ancestral knowledge of good environmental practices throughout history, and it helps us to recover our self-sufficiency and critical thinking, lost to us by the current educational system. In today’s world, we apply this knowledge and this critical capacity to design in the fields of bio-construction, renewable and appropriate energies, water management, soil regeneration, food production, alternative and collaborative economy, spirituality and harmonious social relations.

Our mission

• Facilitate Understanding of Permaculture and regenerative methods through the development of demonstration sites • Enhance Creativity as well as personal and collective development through Education, Research, Inner Work and Celebration in a context of respect for the world we are part of • Offer Education and Promote Investigation in Sustainable Design • Offer Tools to society for creating a more holistic worldview and for applying the latter in day-to-day life • Increase awareness and implementation of lifestyles in resilient communities based on the principles of deep ecology • Promote Eco-literacy (ecological literacy) and Holistic Education

Permacultura Mediterránea (PermaMed)

PermaMed is a Mallorca-based not-for-profit organization that works with a growing community of people who seek to live from the bounty generated by natural ecosystems, learning and working collaboratively to regreen Mallorca, by designing for the future using the Permaculture Ethics and Principles.

cropped-Finca-Son-Barina-Small.pngPermaMed Son Barrina

Besides Escola Kumar and Finca Som Terra, Son Barrina is one of PermaMed’s three demonstration sites.

The Permaculture Circles

Sustainable Land Management

The Permaculture Circles is a project initiated by PermaMed board member Julio Cantos Gazquez, one of the most experienced, respected and well-known permaculturists in Spain. The form of the circles comes from a permaculture design practice called zoning, in which different human activities are represented symbolically in concentric circles. Son Barrina aims to provide a base for experimentation of sustainable human activities. The overall project is based on the development of a large multilayered agroforestry system known as a food forest where educational courses, workshops, and tours are held.

The site contains five concentric circles located in a field of just under one hectare, with a scientific, educational and artistic character, adapted to the local soil and climate conditions, actually designed with potential changes in mind (climate change and desertification is visible on Mallorca). Designed by Julio Cantos and planted and maintained by a volunteer workforce, the circles are centered around a octagonal structure.  It is surrounded by two circles of (winter) vegetable gardens in the Permaculture “Zone 1” and two circular orchards of fruit trees in the “Zone 2”, planted in such a way that ripe fruit can be found at any time of the year in a clockwise motion around the circles. The third circle is a natural orchard with areas of food, fibre and wood production. The fourth is a model of “analog forestry”—analogous or similar to the natural Mediterranean forest, but more productive in food and other goods. The outer circle is focused on the protection of biodiversity by creating an enveloping forest of native species where no human interventions are made, a true green belt meant to be a place of refuge for both fauna and flora.

Support This Project


We have the team, the knowledge, the experience, and the dedication to realise this project. What we need is seed money for the project to grow. Your tax-deductible contribution will help to create a truly remarkable project in the years to come.

We are able to receive bank transfers and deposits at our bank account: Asociación Permacultura Mediterránea, Caixa de Colonya de Pollença, with the concept ”Son Barrina Permaculture Circles”.

IBAN: ES21 2056 0009 73 4102002606

Please send us an email at to confirm the donation and so that we can send you a receipt for your tax declaration in Spain at the end of the year.

Alternatively visit the project and leave 30 euros in the box in the shop and the name of your choice will be permanently glazed onto a tile for the “Thank you” wall at the entrance to the circles.


Julio Cantos

One of the Mediterranean’s foremost experts on food forests and ecological forestry, as well as a widely-respected permaculture teacher, practitioner, and diploma holder. He is the designer of The Permaculture Circles project; the Spanish representative instructor of the International Analog Forestry Network (, and a founding board member of PermaMed.

Aline Van Moerbeke


Also one of the founding board members of PermaMed, Aline currently coordinates the volunteers at The Permaculture Circles project. If you would like to form part of this growing community, in which knowledge, harvest and good times are shared, then you can get in touch with her on or on the number 666 333 335 (message please).

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