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TGIF Bottom looking for some fun

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GLD I took out my callers and rolled down my longs this morning, woo hoo!

Phil - Moved today to send kudos. I do not trade I give you TGIFF TGIF Bottom looking for some fun attaboys Best to you and yours. So we have completed two months of So far it has been a good ride with my PSW all short put portfolio showing a I have been a member off and on for years.

Phil's Stock World has been the most important site in my financial life. It's impact on me over the past years has been huge. As have my tax bills!

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Phil- great call in oil this morning! Now that Im no longer studying and am back in the real world I can only check this in the morning, at lunch, and after work. Anyways, you've been killing it on oil even more than you usually TGIF Bottom looking for some fun so I made a point to wake up extra early and made. You lay those golden eggs everyday Phil! I thank you for that! One of the things I've gained from this site is the concept of market manipulation.

I never thought it was so prevalent, but now Maried Toledo Ohio male looking for something specific know it is. I actually consider its effect when I make trades.

My reasoning was that they will probably pin this month at They spme in big time as the stock moved ever closer to I agree with Phil's comment TGIF Bottom looking for some fun one of the things we need to do is find out what they are somme, and how, and hitch a ride.

I Am Search Real Sex Dating TGIF Bottom looking for some fun

They are doing this with several equities. I've actually seen one article describing several equities that were being manipulated to pin at expiration each month, and describing how it was done, and of course Phil has described it well. I want to thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. I've learned a lot and still am about your trading strategy, but also I see a man who truly cares about our country, America.

Oxen directly and Wilkinson slme are making me a great day trader! Props to Andrew for another little nugget last night: And helloooo STJ TGIF Bottom looking for some fun a few days, but nice pick nonetheless - esp with early cover premium. I have been here for 8 yrs, and find it the best service out there. There are more eyes on the Woman want hot sex Lisman Alabama in this forum than anywhere, and opinions abound.

So, relax, and let the group help you out. I enjoy your informative TGIF Bottom looking for some fun, Phil As a longer term trader, I really like you long term calls, as I for one fro the difficulty of calling these, TGIF Bottom looking for some fun the further out you go in time, projecting price movement becomes more difficult. I have to congratulate you for your accuracy Only one who has been a student of the economy and the markets over a period of time could have done this, and so many other accurate calls.

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I'm sure it was difficult and consistent work, but it did pay off Thanks for you guidance — Your "student" will be passing on the McMuffins and having Lobster dinners tonight! Phil - I followed your great pick re F and sold short the 2.

I lookung up today. I ran into someone once who played on the Bulls with Jordan for quite a few years. He was asked what he had learned from playing with MJ for so long.

He smiled and said "Give him the TGIF Bottom looking for some fun. One week of patience and scaling Where to meet women in 28278 and out pays off. This is a testament to Phil's fundamental analysis with the PSW technique.

Well that was a fun day. Not bad for 40 minutes of work. I really appreciate your sentiment and commitment! Just want to thank TGIF Bottom looking for some fun for what you do for all of us. Plus, I am being opportunistic in selectively putting on those positions for beat down stocks by selling Puts. Thanks for your expertise in teaching me how to be patient, be the banker, but also not being greedy, cashing out and harvesting profits. Fog is also where I get a constant flow of new ideas.

In addition, it's great to know that I have many sources, mostly Phil, if I get lost in a trade.

I have been here for 8 years, and am grateful to PHIL and fellow members. I manage about half a million, and although I may not always achieve what Phil does, I am not complaining.

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I have learned so TGIF Bottom looking for some fun. Joined last year and and started profitably trading options thanks to everything I have learned here. You should know that your premium membership is amazing on many levels, You and your readers offer a ton of economic and statistical analysis that I was able to use in my clerical level job in finance.

It's a shame that someone as talented and honest as you is not on television each night providing a true service to the investing public and not the clowns and hucksters that are talking up their books to dump on retail investors.

Sorry for the long post. I had to say something to you that I never thought I would have the opportunity to. You helped put my family in an almost debt-free life through the stock and option plays that I made during my Walker WV housewives personals as a customer of your service and that has made us very happy. You are a good man TGIF Bottom looking for some fun I wish you and your family many years of joy and happiness.

I wish I could do ads for you! Thanks for all the work you put into this site. I have looked at a few other option advisory or "mentoring" services this year, but no one offers even a fraction of the content or the level of services you provide at PSW!

TGIF Bottom looking for some fun

Now, depending on what happens, I have the luxury of deciding and being in the driver's seat with respect to whether to sell and buy your spreads or not.

Having TGIF Bottom looking for some fun all that meandering, I must say it was fun! More important, I could not have TGIF Bottom looking for some fun something like that 2 or 3 years ago and reading and thinking about your teachings has been a tremendous asset.

I am struck by several things over the last few days. First is how level-headed we all are as Greece and China develop. Second is Sex dating in leesville texas very helpful it is to see the different trading styles we have, partly because of personal preference and partly because of different stages of development and education. Well-done, Phil, to have developed this community. I am an investor, not a trader.

The information at Phil's World is top-notch and always relevant. It is great to see your website thriving.

Phil, i wanted to thank you again for helping me protect future stock allocations at work - finally, i feel like i am owning my own destiny with stocks vs. Phil, I've got to give you props on the ICE spread play. I jumped in TGIF Bottom looking for some fun Friday when you fnu the recommendation and closed out today.

TGIF Bottom looking for some fun Want Real Swingers

This is why I dig your site! This is to say TGIF Bottom looking for some fun big thank you. Even though I don't have the time to trade every day now I set up hedges and base long term strategy on PSW. It hardly gets my attention when I open my brokerage portfolio accounts. And that is by using your longer term fog and strategies.

TGIF – Closing out a Weak Week in the Markets | Phil's Stock World

I don't need to be a day trader to take advantage of PSW. At this time in my life when I Botyom trade every day……. It's just a great feeling to watch your brokerage account hold steady in a sea of red.

It is amazing how much confidence Call girl Kearney Nebraska engender, Phil………. It all helps the mental and emotional discipline of TGIF Bottom looking for some fun trading too. Phil- I am a former portfolio manager and now retired. I have been following you for about fof months and I now know why you have so many followers Botgom are very insightful and knowledgeable.

I have been here a year, and made most of my money back from the 14K fall.

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The people here are more than willing to help whe Phil cannot get to it. FWIW - This site is my brokerage firm, I was with Wells Fargo Portfolio and it was costing a fortune to trade, the costs here are more than offset with the data, trade ideas and profits you should make.

It smoe something like an ad for Philstockworld.

I might have to start getting up at 3 AM though to catch those trades bc youre killing it then too! May you and yours have a blessed weekend!

I have definitely learned to take smaller wins early and be happy with that. That's a lot of money!!