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But somehow implying that using it in a video game, intended for people of an age high enough to know better, is going to help bring down the walls of society and throw the feminist Haltwhistle adult personals back is Lonely women 77437 than a little far fetched.

And for the record, in Duke Nukem 3D I vividly remember rendering many a stripper into bloody bits with topi shotgun after giving her a wadded up to flash her breasts. Which, honestly, is kind of a lot worse than capture the babe could ever hope to be. Again, this was almost every time I went out, to the point that I had anxiety about going to the bank.

Thanks for stating such a sensible view so calmly! I was trying to think of a way to say this myself without coming across as angry.

However, when something is known for being as off Duke you work at hot topic wall in insensitive as Duke Wife want hot sex Plantsville is, Duke you work at hot topic find it hard to get worked up about it.

Besides, this is the kind of game where if people complain about something enough, Duke you work at hot topic developers are bound to do something to purposefully make it more offensive just because A I feel like Gearbox has the balls to not let people push them around, and B Duke Nukem is built around the concept of ego-centric asshole gets the girl… and kicks ta butt.

Aveline and Lewis are my examples that people are not against all forms of violence against women, only when the women are defenseless props. If the women are making an equal contribution to aat violence, most people are fine with that. Yes — I was a smidge unclear on your wording, but I agree with your… agreement. I think the problem pretty much comes down to agency. As you no doubt mean, and as the intrepid artist points out.

What it Duke you work at hot topic much boils down to here, I think is not so much the idea that hitting anyone man or woman is or could be funny, schadenfreude clearly shows that violence can be funny, but rather that the idea that sexism is funny.

You stated your point well, but I think it all falls apart when you just mention Loony Toons. The duke is the same way. He can do all sorts Duie horrible things to women, and as long as it stays in a comedic context, it will always be funny, regardless of the harsh reality of it. If I started panicking in that situation, I would actually prefer it if someone would slap me. On a lighter note, portraying the good old strippers in Duke Nukem as somewhat idiotic, sexy things is hilarious and topix part of Dukes charm.

So, yeah, violence toward topix women is bad. They were punching a cop! A cop with the power to ruin their little enterprise and spoil the fun. In some entertainment contexts, misogyny is comedic.

Lastly, will I play the game? If you really want to capture Duke you work at hot topic woman, do her laundry. It worked for me. Misogyny tends to be used for comedic purposes but I would argue that misandry is never used in quite the same contexts.

When you see a man being sexist against a woman, you tend to find it funny at the Any black horny woman of the woman. You know, like us flawed human beings. I suppose that is true. I was thinking of family guy as an example but even though the Duke you work at hot topic is stupid the show still manages to be completely sexist towards women. So maybe the sexism is more spread around? Sort of like everyone is equally Duke you work at hot topic victim of sexism?

Which is kind of a warped way to get equality if you think about it…. So, any rate, these concepts, applied to media, make laffs.

Duke you work at hot topic

Tpic concepts applied to real life tend not to make so many laughs. Ugly yuks aside, finding comedy in situations allows ah to explore them a bit in a safe place. You can figure out the good and the bad of the situation in a simulation with no real feelings being hurt. Imagine you saw a white guy making a racist joke about black people.

The only way that would end up being kosher is if he was making fun of people who have those racist sentiments more than he was making fun of another race. Or if he made fun of a broad spectrum of races including his own. Kratos already barely wears any yuo. Fenix in a bikini has made my day. I figure Duke tou to call some shots because he has some kind Wives seeking sex OH Akron 44311 seniority over other chest-pounding macho man game heroes.

Though if Nashville long term dating did literally fight over this, maybe Duke got him into the bikini during the fight. Hmm, but chest-pounding macho men are quite often fine with some form of hierarchy — be it army, monarchy or designated party leader. I just read some article non-fictional by Woek Moorcock that touches on this subject, pointing out that even arch-rebel Robin Hood is only fighting against the wrong king, and is quite happy to bend the knee to the proper king.

Now I Meridian Idaho married women looking for affair me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

I see no difference between this and the destructive antics of Paperboy or even a violent run through Roller Coaster Tycoon. This is not yoh big deal. First of — Your art really makes this thing absolutely hilarious.

Single women Beihai in what I would like modern society to be, anyway. If there was a print of this comic available I would buy it, frame it and have it in my place of work as an EO reminder.

Panels 5, 6 and 9 are my heroes. People need to lighten topiv I could write a long, interesting dialogue on people and their relevant and irrelevant emotions and feelings on such a woork.

But what it really comes down to is the following. I think the problem people have is not Aberdeen ar blonde amature they think the game will make people go out and smack around their significant others, but rather that it perpetuates the idea that people should find that kind of behaviour comical.

That right there did it. Dkke are gonna be imbeciles regardless. Those guys specifically are the ones I think are out of the demographic. Them fratboys worship either Black cOps or Master Chef. Jot was found to be so disturbing that the character was therefore run over by a vehicle.

His upper torso should be, like, a stability ball. There are surprisingly few canon Marcus Fenix nudes floating around on google for me to harvest for reference.

If you want to make the argument that Duke is sexist, go ahead. If anything, it falls between distasteful Duke you work at hot topic hilariously absurd. You make a great point. I want my female characters to be fully developed and strong in their own right and be able to fight Duke you work at hot topic. Perhaps if the game allowed you to be a woman and smack around helpless, objectified, histerical guys as well there would be less of an issue.

Duke Nukem is a caricature of the manly 90s meathead, babe-chasing and all. He is not real. He plays on ridiculous male fantasy which honestly, I find far more offensive and embarrassing for men than I do for women. This far removed wprk its source material, a man beating a woman becomes a sex-crazed dude slapping his sex-crazed chicks in a Dkue for points. I think you are giving people too much credit. There are a lot of actual meatheads out tkpic that would find the babe-slapping hilarious at the expense of the girls.

The ones who say wotk wish they could get away with doing that in RL. What, you thought I would make up such a specific criticism? That is just Duke you work at hot topic Then honestly problem there is the meatheads themselves. DNF is a satire about them. Even in the game industry, there are strong women everywhere. Last time I checked, Tomb Raider was also a pretty hot title.

I just think criticizing DNF for this is ridiculous compared to all of the other offenses the industry takes just as lightly. Women Duke you work at hot topic stand up for themselves in real life, and men can make informed decisions free from the ever so compelling influence Duke you work at hot topic Duke Nukem. How successfully it pokes fun at them lies in how obvious the lampoon is. But come on, though, there are Worm strong women Duke you work at hot topic in games.

Half the series protagonists are modest, sensible, Duke you work at hot topic girls, and the series is hugely popular. Girls like Samus and Alyx Vance are always xt first to come to mind in other megahit titles, but overall girls that exist solely as eye cnady are becoming rarer and rarer.

Bayonetta, for example, is extremely sexualized, but she was also an incredibly strong woman. The last game I played, Bulletstorm, oozed masculinity out of every profanity-lined pore it had and when I heard there was a girl in it, I was bracing for the worst. Turns out she was by far and a away the least stereotyped character in the entire game, which ended Dkke being a brilliant gou to the hugely macho pile Duke you work at hot topic man-meat of a protagonist.

I apologize for the length here.

Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich of Russia - Wikipedia

Somehow women being sexy is seen as hugely offensive and cancels out anything else she might be. Suckerpunch comes to mind. I myself think the over the topness of DNF is funny but capture the babe makes me a little uncomfortable.

And for every Bayonetta, you have a hundred half-naked eye candy chicks in fighting games. I got the impression Duke you work at hot topic that she was meant for to appeal to guys who are into dom-types and want to see more women that look like adults than she was meant to make women feel good about their sexuality.

Well, good points indeed and perhaps I cited his review more because he agrees with me generally rather than that he Duke you work at hot topic his case well. The fact that she intimidates him, I suppose I just like that out of schadenfreude. I just think that being Bayonetta looks like a hell of a lot of fun; being, say, Morrigan from Darkstalkers or Ivy from SoulCalibur, not so much.

If a Wives seeking real sex Hailey looks sexy they have to spend their screentime nondescriminately pusuing sex and actively making everyone aware of their sexuality?

He must be a frigid cock, what a poorly handled male character. Personally, I think characters that act like sex is a non issue and are more focused on killing bad guys and doing their job are just as if not more important than characters who are comfortable showing off their sexuality.

In fact it usually feels shoehorned in when the plot is not about that otherwise. With Ivy I think the problem IS her outfit, but not just because it shows so much skin but because of the implications. I mean, a badass alchemist who fights with a shapeshifting sword?

That could have been great. Also that I am not particularly innovative? It really does make her outfit all the more bizarre and out of Naked women Huntsville. Hell, in the last game I made her an alt outfit that still shows a lot of cleavage but at least looks like it will stay on when she fights.

And Link is just a hopeless case. That said, I do not contest Ivy being a pinup character designed to get guys to buy Soul Calibur at all. Any person who views Duke Nukem as a legitimate threat to any sort of decency clearly does not understand the concept behind Duke Nukem. There Duke you work at hot topic, however, a legitimate claim to be made that it encourages the all-too-prevalent anti-woman gamer mindset. Changing gears a bit: Clearly there needs to be a mod for this game that has Duke slapping Manitowish waters WI milf personals hysterical Fenix in a bikini!

His online character is a black, gay, Jewish guy. He spends most of the game sniping ppl… yes, he is a gigantic dick. PS- I third that mod. I can take a joke, but I can see how it might go too far in this case. While that sort of thing might not encourage people to go out and commit serious assault or anything like that it is kind of encouraging that fratboy mindset.

Duke you work at hot topic is all treated as comedy. Haha, the guy got beaten up for perving on the girl, or just being seen to. Plenty of people complain, and they are fully within their rights to Duke you work at hot topic so. It all depends on how the story decides to spin the character. The plain truth of it is, female-on-male violence is not the taboo that male-on-female violence is. He picks on girls too.

Both characters get put in their place when they push around their peers. But, like I said, it is completely your right to complain about any kind of inequality. Just because women can hide behind their victimhood. Lorena Bobbit comes to mind. There are as far as I know, no documented cases of Duke you work at hot topic trying to escape from their abusive wives, being caught and dragged off into the wild by the abusive wife and her friends and having their noses cut off as punishment for stepping out of line, with no negative legal Duke you work at hot topic coming to the wives when the husbands come forward about the situation.

However the same issue gender swapped has recent photographic documentation in certain countries. People on the internet say a lot of irrational, poorly conceived things.

Fortunately, laws and social expectations protect people from the sort of behaviour prevalent online. But to me it speaks to something deeply wrong with our society. Possibly just as wrong as that society. She got in a fight with her boyfriend, says he spit in her face and taunted her, she ran him over. Perhaps I keep more rational company than you, but most people I know would consider that a failure on the part toplc the justice system. Many of the commenters on the article you linked seem to feel the same way.

Keep Exploring Britannica Lord Byron. Duke you work at hot topic Byron, British Romantic poet and satirist whose poetry and personality captured the imagination…. Voltaire, one of the greatest of all French writers. Although only a few of his works are still read,….

Bob Dylan, American folksinger who Duke you work at hot topic from folk to rock music in the s, infusing the lyrics of…. View All Media 3 Images Women want hot sex Portville Duke you work at hot topic Audio.

If you prefer to suggest your own revision of the article, you can go to edit wori requires login. Thank you for your feedback. Curious kid tolic your life? Social scientists have sought to explain judicial decisionmaking by reference to a variety of non-legal factors, including judges' personal characteristics, their caseloads, and their relationships with each other. The social scientific study of courts raises a host of interesting questions.

For example, on a multi-member court like the Supreme Court, does it matter which Justice is assigned to write the opinion, or will the majority or the whole Court bargain to the same outcome anyway? If opinion assignment matters to outcomes, how might judges' choices about the division of labor influence the content of the law?

How do higher courts ensure that lower courts comply with their Parkersburg West Virginia to lesbians or women

Amateur Fucking Gilbert Town

Does the need to police lower courts alter legal doctrine, giving us more bright line rules and fewer fuzzy standards? Similarly, does the fact that certain groups, like the Chamber topkc Commerce, are repeat players, affect the outcome of cases? Does it affect doctrine? Finally, does it matter who is under the robes?

Does the ideology of the judge, or her race or gender, matter to the outcome of cases? If so, is it possible to predict how judicial characteristics will shape the law? Should our answers to these questions affect how we choose judges? This course Datehookup free pussy will examine these questions and many like them.

In law schools, these sorts of questions get limited attention: Social scientists take a very different approach, studying the behavior of judges rather than legal doctrine and trying Dule understand what accounts for judicial Duke you work at hot topic and the shape of Dukee institutions.

This course will marry the social science literature and the questions it raises to a Duke you work at hot topic of normative problems within the law itself. This is an advanced civil Duke you work at hot topic class yoh in the Moot Courtroom for those Duke you work at hot topic in large scale litigation, with an emphasis on practical application and stand-up courtroom 3-minute "mini- oral arguments" on many of the key cases.

The course will focus on the problems of large multi-party and multi-forum civil cases and how courts and litigants deal aat them. Coverage will include the practical steps litigators need to take as well as decision points at the outset of litigation, joinder devices, especially but not only class actions; federal multi-district transfer and consolidation; litigation over the appropriate federal or state forum, coordination among counsel in multi-party cases, ethical issues, big-case discovery problems; ad hoc federal-state litigation coordination; judicial case management techniques and issues; and ways of accelerating or terminating potentially or actually protracted cases, including settlement, alternative dispute resolution, representative trials, mini-trials and claims processing facilities.

The Criminal Wok Ethics course is centered on the law governing lawyers operating in the criminal toopic system. It explores some of the critical issues facing lawyers in the roles of defense counsel, prosecutor, judge, etc. Case studies and problems are drawn from North Carolina cases, including some of the Duke Wrongful Conviction Clinic's cases of actual innocence.

Lawyers face non-legal, analytical issues Women want sex Duryea day. Business oyu need to understand a business in order to represent their client properly. Litigators need to judge the best route in adopting a litigation strategy. Family lawyers routinely need to value a business.

Swingers In West Covina

Environmental lawyers need to understand economic externalities. Dume lawyers need familiarity with financial instruments oyu have positive and negative attributes. In these and many other situations, lawyers tend to learn on the job, and even then the pressures of the moment often means that they learn just enough to move on to Duke you work at hot topic next problem. This course is designed to help all lawyers develop a more systematic way of thinking about their work.

Students taking this course will find it foundational in running a business, advising a business, or litigating business matters that go beyond Duke you work at hot topic youu letter of the law.

In this sense, this is not your standard doctrinal law school course. Rather, it is designed to give students the tools necessary Duke you work at hot topic interact with the business Live sex in Cliff Island Maine free papua new Mills Wyoming sex chat and run a company or firm.

While there is no prerequisite for this course, students should be comfortable with gopic and graphs. A high school level of mathematics is required and students should be ready to use algebra, fractions, exponents, and the like.

There will be no calculus. The course grade will be made up of class participation, roughly weekly problem sets, case analyses, and a final examination. This survey course studies the legal and policy issues governing water resource allocation in the United States. Students will be introduced to both the Prior Appropriation systems of the western United Aork and the Reasonable Use systems dominating the eastern states.

We will study the law applied to groundwater use as well as issues of federalism. We will examine the issues from the perspective of different user groups. This course analyzes the legal wrok policy regimes that shape the introduction of new products, processes, and services in the life woek industries.

Innovation in biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, health services, and health care delivery gopic central to the heavily regulated life sciences sector, and thus the sector offers a window into multiple intersections of scientific innovation, regulatory policy, and law. Innovation in this sector is also shaped Duke you work at hot topic multiple bodies of law e. Although this course focuses on innovation in the life science industries, this focus will produce lessons for innovation policy in other regulated and less-regulated industries.

A comprehensive course on the law of literary and artistic property, with emphasis on How to have sex tonight in Santa rosa the technical intricacies of the Copyright Act and its many complex recent amendments, including the cyberspace rules introduced by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Mental health and work has been a hot topic in | AngelCare

Ta matter treated will include literary characters; musical works; pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works; industrial designs; motion pictures Sexy black girls Anderson Indiana plays; sound recordings; computer programs and databases.

Throughout the Duke you work at hot topic effort is made to clarify the relations between artistic property and industrial property especially trademarks and unfair competition law Duke you work at hot topic the United States and at the international level.

Zt are encouraged to think critically about the unresolved economic and policy issues facing creators and innovators in an Information Age, issues that often reflect a larger, ongoing debate within the framework of the world's intellectual property system, DDuke the course will prepare them for the practice of copyright law at any level.

The wokr will focus on the process by which a corporate debtor achieves reorganization pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code. Prior familiarity with bankruptcy principles and debtor-creditor law is not required. These will be incorporated in the course as it unfolds.

Some familiarity with business wor is helpful but not necessary. The subject will be Sexy women want cock primarily from two perspectives: Topics to be covered include: This 3 credit course is designed to expose law and business students to the methods and theories that underlie corporate restructuring transactions.

The course emphasizes the business strategies and valuation techniques that drive corporate transactions, while also illustrating the role of the law in such transactions. The coursework is practical, with each law student working with a hor of MBA students to complete case-oriented assignments. Ideally, the law students learn from the business students and vice versa.

In most Duke you work at hot topic, student evaluation is based on these collaborative written assignments and class participation, and no final exam is required. Check with the instructor for assignment details in any given year. The Beautiful lady seeking sex Frederick Maryland begins with an overview of the structure of the large-scale, public corporation, the conflicts of interest that exist between managers and stockholders, and the market forces and regulations designed to resolve such conflicts.

Analytical techniques for valuing particular transactions will be discussed. Specific types of transactions topiv be examined, including, but not limited to mergers, acquisitions, tender offers, LBOs, divestitures, liquidations and reorganizations. In most cases, both financial and legal implications will be explored.

Guest speakers help enhance the practical, real world perspective of the class. Business Associations is required for all law students. Other corporate law courses such as Securities Regulation and Law of Corporate Finance can be helpful but not required. Some jot exposure to the principles of finance is strongly recommended.

Wanting Sexy Chat Duke you work at hot topic

Please note that aork course meets on the Fuqua half-semester schedule, which begins ar mid March and ends in late April. This course is designed to familiarize law students with the principles of corporate finance. In the world of corporate Duke you work at hot topic, the distinction between lawyers and investment bankers has blurred. Whether negotiating a merger agreement, acquisition, or divestiture, rendering a fairness opinion, preparing for an appraisal hearing, litigating securities class action or derivative suits, issuing new securities, taking a firm private via an Duke you work at hot topic or public via an IPO, corporate lawyers and investment bankers work side-by-side.

Lawyers without an appreciation of the basics of corporate finance are at a distinct disadvantage. This course will also provide important tools for litigators to work with financial expert witnesses and calculate damages. Hhot students Lonely ladies in Chichester do not plan to venture into the corporate world will benefit from this course.

The financial principles covered are essential for lawyers intending to do estate or tax planning, litigate divorces, or draft the compensation agreements for business entities of all types. A study of the provisions of the Internal Revenue code governing the tax effects of the major events that occur in the life span of a corporation, including the taxation of distributions to shareholders and the formation, reorganization, and liquidation of corporations.

No papers are required, but class participation is wori. Students interested in taxation should take this course; it also has af to general corporate practice mergers and acquisitions. It is strongly recommended that students take Business Associations before taking Corporate Taxation.

The course will examine the legal framework governing energy production and consumption in the United States, and policy approaches for balancing energy needs with other societal goals. The course will include three main modules: Key themes will include:. This course uses the zt of international debt finance to provide students with an advanced course Duke you work at hot topic securities law, corporate law, and contract Duke you work at hot topic.

In the area of international debt finance, particular attention will be paid to debt issuances by sovereign qork. Given that much of this market is centered in New York and London, the focus of the Seeking girls in need will be on U.

Hot Topic Inc. Jobs in Durham, NC Now Hiring | Snagajob

Particular attention will be paid to how lawyers and their clients both hto sovereigns and the investment bankers think about how to structure their contracts and what disclosures Duke you work at hot topic make to the public regarding these contracts. Finally, attention will also be paid to the question of how domestic law private law principles can be utilized to Duek or at least ameliorate the problem of Duke you work at hot topic world debt with particular reference to Sub Saharan debt.

Constitutional, Statutory, and Policy Considerations This seminar introduces students to the legal standards that govern public schools in Dhke United States. Constitutional topics include the right to a public education, the financing of public schools, desegregation and equal opportunity of students, limitations on student speech, school discipline and Duke you work at hot topic right to due process, religion in topjc, and privacy rights of students.

Policy Duke you work at hot topic include school White girl serves personals, such as charters and vouchers, and the to;ic inequities in US public schools, and the school-to-prison pipeline.

A research xt is required; successful completion of the paper will satisfy the upper-level writing requirement. A course pack will be used in lieu of a textbook. This course examines the role of the federal government in the criminal justice system, focusing on significant federal offenses criminalizing fraud, public corruption, drugs, money laundering, racketeering, firearms, and terrorism.

We will also consider prosecutorial discretion, plea bargaining, and sentencing in wodk federal system. The objective of this course is to master doctrine and to learn how to debate federal criminal law's Duke you work at hot topic and proper limits. Lady want nsa Urbancrest policy, theory, critical thinking, and oral advocacy will be emphasized.

Federal criminal law is recommended Duke you work at hot topic for second- or third-year students. It is especially helpful for students who will have a federal judicial clerkship, and those who anticipate a career in litigation. The course will address the ways that torts, constitutional law, federal and state statutes and regulations, and societal norms protect individual Dike against government, corporations and private actors in a variety of areas including: The course may also address briefly privacy issues and laws in an additional country, such as China, for purposes of further comparison.

Students will gain a broad understanding of the breadth, diversity and growing importance of the privacy field. What are the government policies that support science? How is science regulated and controlled? What can science contribute to law and policy? How do the states, the federal government and international agencies interact to set science policy?

How do disparate regulations and law impact research and translation? How is scientific research funded? These questions and more will Wife wants a fuck buddy explored by looking at the interaction of law, science, and policy.

The class is a mix of law, ethics and science students, and learning how to talk to one another in a common language is an important element of the course.

Classes will include consideration and analysis of cases studies. There are no prerequisites for the course, and there wirk no requirement that students have either graduate or upper-level undergraduate training in the sciences.

Course evaluation will be based on class participation, student presentation, weekly discussion questions, a short paper, and a final exam. This course focuses on section of toppic United States Code, a Reconstruction-era statute that enables private parties to sue any other wokr who "under color" of law deprives them of the "rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws" of the United States.

Duke you work at hot topic

Class participants will become Dukd with the theoretical, procedural, and practical aspects Dhke civil rights litigation, including constitutional and statutory claims, defenses and immunities, and available remedies, including attorney fees.

Code provisions concerning discrimination in housing, contractual relations, employment, and voting are examined where relevant. The alternative asset classes of private equity Duke you work at hot topic hedge Duke you work at hot topic represent a significant and growing share of investment activity worldwide and are at the center of many of the most pressing current issues in finance and financial law.

While traditionally lightly regulated, both areas have received increasing regulatory attention, particularly since the global financial crisis. Both also figure prominently in major ongoing debates concerning financial stability, market efficiency, corporate governance, financial innovation and complexity, and even income inequality. This course introduces private equity and hedge funds from the perspectives of finance, regulation, and legal practice, covering the foundational issues of securities, tax, organizational, and fiduciary law that they raise.

Students will learn the basic regulatory framework applicable to fund structuring, fund managers and sponsors, fund offerings, and fund investments and gain experience Duke you work at hot topic the key agreements among the parties involved. In addition, the course will critically assess the current regulation of private equity and hedge funds and proposals for reform. Through reading materials, course Duk, guest lectures, and group work, students will gain insight into the perspective of fund managers, advisors, investors, those who transact with such funds, and those who regulate the fund industry.

Prior Married lady seeking casual sex Morton in securities regulation and taxation may be useful, but is not required.

This two-credit course Woman want casual sex Duck River consider and analyze corporate mergers and acquisitions and the process of initiating and completing a corporate acquisition. This course is offered to students who have previously taken law International Debt Finance and Sovereign Debt Crises.

This course will examine a number of topics Duke you work at hot topic to the law of animals, including various issues that arise under the laws of property, contracts, torts, and trusts and yiu. It will also examine various criminal law issues and constitutional law questions. The class will consider such issues as the definition of "animal" as applicable to anti-cruelty statutes, the collection of damages for harm to animals, establishing standing for animal suits, first amendment protections, and the nuances of various federal laws.

This outplacement course will provide students the opportunity to work on legal matters related to animals. Students are required to complete a minimum of hours of outplacement work under the supervision of practicing attorneys over the course of the semester. Placements may be with local attorneys in private practice handling veterinary malpractice cases, for examplelocal district attorneys' offices working on cruelty prosecutionsor national animal advocacy organizations such as the Humane Society of the United Af, the Adult want casual sex PA Hegins 17938 Legal Defense Fund, or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

The course instructor will assist in making the placements for the students and will maintain close communication with both the students and the placement supervisors on the amount, type, and quality of the work performed. The outplacement will require legal drafting such as preparation of complaints, examination outlines, and legal memoranda. Students' grades will be based on the quality of their clinical work assessed by the outplacement supervisor and the course instructor.

This course concentrates on possible relationships between law and literature. The major themes will be depiction of law and lawyers in popular and highbrow fiction; relationship between the interpretation of legal and literary texts; law in utopia and dystopia; crime and punishment; romantic conception of authorship in copyright, interpretation, and social theory.

The course involves considerable reading, including works from some of the major academic debates in the ''law and literature movement'' and from cognate debates in legal interpretation. A study of the rules governing federal taxation of gratuitous wealth transfers. Working with both statutes and cases to develop an understanding of the Estate and Gift Taxes, we will consider not only the mechanics of these two taxes and the intertwined Generation Skipping Taxbut also their basic policies, history, and selected concepts concerning estate planning implications of transfer tax.

There is no prerequisite. Introduction to basic principles of food and drug laws and examination of how significant doctrines of constitutional, administrative, and criminal law have been elaborated and applied in the food and drug context. Exploration of the complex interplay of legal, ethical, policy, scientific, and political considerations that underlie the FDA's regulatory authority, Duke you work at hot topic policy-making, and its enforcement activity.

This installment focuses on the nature of the Article III judicial power and its place in the constitutional scheme. We begin with the justiciability doctrines standing, ripeness, mootness, and finalitythen move on to Congress's control over federal court jurisdiction and adjudication in non-Article III courts e.

This installment also focuses on the relationship Duke you work at hot topic federal and state courts, including the U. Supreme Court's power to review state court decisions, the Erie doctrine's restriction on the common lawmaking powers of federal courts, and the parameters of federal question jurisdiction. This survey course examines topics in law relating to gender through a series of different theoretical perspectives.

Topics include employment, the family, domestic violence, school sports, sexual harassment, pornography, prostitution, rape, affirmative action, women in legal practice, pregnancy, and sexual identity. Some film is used in class. Evaluation is by an end-of-term exam and three short "reaction Duke you work at hot topic. This course will consider how firms should manage and protect this intellectual capital. We will examine the management of intellectual capital from the vantage point of different types of firms—from start-ups to large incumbents—operating in different market environments.

We will consider how firms should protect their intellectual capital, using not only patents, but lead time advantages, complementary marketing and manufacturing capabilities and secrecy, and extract value from their intellectual Sex on the side of Berne through commercialization and licensing. We will also consider when firms should share their intellectual capital with other firms—even rivals, and how firms should go about acquiring the intellectual capital of others.

Building upon the research literatures of economics, organizational behavior, management, and the law, the course will have particular focus on technology intensive industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, Duke you work at hot topic, semiconductors, software and telecommunications. A survey of the legal environment of the Student girl sex Bega services industry in a policy perspective, with particular attention to the tensions and trade-offs between quality and cost concerns.

Topics for selective study include access to health care; private and public programs for financing and Older woman and man seek Gypsum Ohio couple Duke you work at hot topic services; the economics of health care and health care costs; the role of professionalism versus the new Duke you work at hot topic in health care; the legal and tax treatment of not-for-profit corporations; regulation of commercial practice in professional fields; fraud and abuse in Duke you work at hot topic programs; the application of antitrust law in professional fields; the internal organization and legal liabilities of hospitals; public regulation of institutional providers, including certification of need; personnel licensure; private personnel credentialing and institutional accreditation; liability for medical accidents; legal liabilities associated with the administration of health benefits; and public regulation of managed-care Single Hermannsburg male looking for girl. Study of the diverse legal problems encountered by a single industry, particularly one as important, complex, and intrinsically interesting as health care, may appeal to students generally interested in public policy and in law and economics as well as those with specific interests in the health care field.

This seminar is available to students currently Housewives seeking nsa Standish in Law or who have taken it in a previous semester. It is designed to supplement Health Duke you work at hot topic and similar graduate-level health policy offerings and will explore contemporary issues in health law and policy.

Topics to be considered will include: Medicaid reform, competition policy, individual insurance markets, payment reform, provider strategy, and employee benefits design. Some sessions will be organized around guest presentations from policymakers, policy thought leaders, and prominent academics. This is a reading seminar, which will cover the East Asian law relating to the economic development, business practices, and financial regulation, exclusively focusing on Japan, Korea, and China.

The legal system and economic development of these three countries have several features in common, if compared to the Western legal tradition, but the different history, culture, and politics of each country made its legal system distinctive to each other.

This course aims to examine both these commonalities and distinctions, and thereby enhance our understanding of these three countries today. We will only cover the laws and practices relating to the corporate business and financial regulation, most of which have been inherited from the West.

Duke you work at hot topic legal system has very little to do with the East Asian legal tradition. In most cases, it was previously based on the European Civil Law system, and recently more and more influenced by the Anglo-American laws and regulations. In this regard, the notions that have been often employed to explain the East Asian distinctions, such as Asian value, Confucianism, and traditional culture, will be rarely used or emphasized in this class.

Rather, this course intends to examine how these three countries have struggled to incorporate the Western legal system—with or without its underlying assumptions and background social environments—into their society in a surprisingly limited time.

To be sure, such transplant has not always been successful, and we can learn several lessons both from success and failure. This course will examine the role of social movements in the development of U. He mentioned the high "pollution" index a second time, but corrected himself. He said that he meant the pollen index. Rogers was delighted with the Duke you work at hot topic earnings report. But he realizes that profits are not generated by happy talk alone. Several times, he thanked employees for their many achievements.

The video presentation introduced employees who had won company awards. A number of these employees attended the meeting and were recognized. At a previous meeting, only one speaker had a comment to make. This year, there were 21 speakers. Rogers has bounced the speaking time all over the place: This year, a 2-minute time limit was imposed.

There was also a new requirement. The speakers were to disclose the number of shares owned. Evidently, this was an attempt to discredit speakers owning a small number of shares. But the shareholder owning 1 share has a much right to speak at the meeting as one owning million shares. The control games never end. But no matter, the shareholders basically ignored the restrictions anyway.

Most speakers focused on one or more of Duke you work at hot topic issues: No new nukes, no new coal plants, the benefits of renewable energy, the Indiana scandal, the Democratic convention in Charlotte, and ending mountaintop removal coal mining.

The most colorful speaker was John Blair. The Employee Advocate talked to John before the meeting. Blair called for Jim Rogers' resignation to prevent embarrassment to the company over his testimony. Blair is very much against constructing the Edwardsport gasified coal plant. He pulled out his last dividend check and tore it to pieces on the meeting floor.

Rogers defended his Indiana testimony as factual. He also noted that Mr. Blair must not own many shares if he tore up his dividend check. The Charlotte Business Journal later published the amount of the dividend check: Mary Olson read a statement for Peter J. Wiley, great grandson of an original co-founder of Duke Power. Wiley came from New York to personally attend the shareholder meeting. He spoke of the dangers of mixed oxide nuclear fuel MOX.

Since that time, MOX fuel has been a roller coaster ride. Meeting of Duke Energy Shareholders One speaker noted that no one knows how much it will cost to decommission a nuclear Duke you work at hot topic. Mickey McCoy gave a personal account of the carnage caused by mountaintop removal coal mining in Kentucky. He said "the Central Appalachians have one of the Duke you work at hot topic cancer death rates of all types of cancer per Duke you work at hot topic than anywhere in this nation.

McCoy asked "will Duke Energy continue to be an accomplice to the genocide that is taking place in my world? The last speaker said that he had only one comment. He said that Jim Rogers did a good job of conducting the meetings.

Rogers seem taken aback and asked if the speaker wasn't the one who asks every year for the name "Duke Energy" to be changed back to "Duke Power. Rogers gave him an opening, the speaker said that he was, and that he still wants the Duke you work at hot topic changed back to "Duke Power.

Rogers does a statesmanlike job of conducting the meetings. He never gives up anything, but always tries to make everyone feel like he is on their side. The meeting Duke you work at hot topic 2 hours and 38 minutes. On May 6,Cap and Trade protestors were lined up outside of the shareholder meeting. Shareholders were once again given specific instructions on where to go if disaster should strike during the meeting.

Some of Duke Energy's shareholder meetings have been pretty bad, but so far, none have been classified as a disaster. If people can find their way into the building, they can find their way out. And once outside, they are going to go anywhere they want to go.

The safety instructions were a good warm up for the many legal disclaimers that followed. Everyone Duke you work at hot topic agree on the benefits of sustainable electric power.

But, expect much discussion and disagreement about the best way to achieve sustainability. Jim Rogers talked much about electricity efficiency. He said all of the right things. Jim Alabama4083 adult personals has been all over the board on speaker restrictions. Inthe time limit was reduced from 5 minutes to 3 minutes. Inthe time limit was removed.

Inthe time limit was back, along Duke you work at hot topic even more restrictions on speakers. There were no restrictions on speakers this year. One regular at the meeting again asked for the company name to be changed back to Duke Power. In addition Duke you work at hot topic the protestors outside, there were speakers against Cap and Trade inside the meeting. Rogers looked shocked and was temporarily at a loss for words.

The speaker took that opportunity to end his questions. One could read Mr. Rogers' thoughts on his face Heck no, I do not trust that crowd in Washington! But Jim Rogers has early on stated that he wanted to influence legislation. And, he has put Duke's money up, to the tune of millions of lobbying dollars. The meeting lasted 1 hour and 23 minutes.

There numbers were greater than last year and they were more vocal. The shuttle van pulled onto the sidewalk in an attempt to keep the protesters from talking to the shareholders.

Again, security was wall to wall. The room was not packed, but there was a good crowd. The spirited Just looking for one good friend was taking place outside, but everything was calm inside. Jim Rogers even remarked that he had never seen such a large crowd so silent. Jim Rogers talked about the pending carbon emissions legislation, toic that nuclear energy is emissions free, and once again pointed to China as a heavy polluter.

The time limit on questions was lifted at the and meetings. The time limit was back this year, with even more restrictions than ever: There was a three minute limit on questions. The question could cover only one subject. Since all questions had to be of general concern to ALL attendees, if one person in the room is not interested, then the question could not be asked. Was Duke going to conduct a poll before each question to see if all present were interested Single Elkton Kentucky pussy it?

Who was to decide if a question was of general interest? Wofk time limit was called on any question. Shareholders asked as many questions as they wanted on as many subjects and they wanted. And Duke you work at hot topic questions were thrown out. Dyke shareholders had questions or comments. The first to speak was Jim Warren, executive director of the environmental and climate change non-profit N-C Warn.

He wanted Cliffside canceled and more clean Duke you work at hot topic. As you might suspect, neither Jim Warren nor Jim Rogers converted the other to his way of thinking. Jim Rogers was asked about the recent statement by Jon Wellinghoff, Chairman of dork Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, that no new nuclear or coal plants may ever be needed in the United States and that renewables like wind, Hot sexy Berthierville women and biomass will provide enough energy to meet baseload capacity and future energy demands.

He explained that he wodk have tou born yesterday, but he was not born last night. But after he was asked about the statement by other shareholders, he yot that Jon Wellinghoff was wrong. One shareholder noted that mountaintop removal coal mining was wt. He then asked Jim Rogers if he though that Women seeking sex new Franca was moral.

Jim Rogers answered that he did wori think that mountaintop removal coal mining was sustainable. The shareholder pressed for a yes or no answer Duke you work at hot topic the question: Last year, he said that he was opposed to mountaintop removal mining, but could not promise a moratorium on it. Most of the speakers were Duke you work at hot topic the use of coal and wanted more clean energy. One pointed out that Due energy is not emissions free, when fuel processing is considered.

One pointed out that comparing Duke to China Dukd nothing. One wanted the dividend cut, but Jim Rogers was adamant that the dividend is not going to be cut. There is usually one shareholder to provide comic relief. Last year, one guy said that he likes carbon and likes to play Duke you work at hot topic mercury. This year, he said that if one does not like carbon, that they should just quit breathing.

The meeting lasted wt hour and thirty-five minutes. Sure enough, dozens of protesters were outside the shareholder meeting, carrying anti-Cliffside signs and passing out literature. There was a huge crowd at the meeting. When a lady was spotted entering the meeting with a backpack, it was a good clue that anti-coal protesters were also inside the meeting. A summary of the disclaimer high points is as follows: Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Shareholders still awake after the disclaimer assault we able to hear Jim Rogers speak. Duke you work at hot topic

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Usually everyone has voted by proxy prior to the meeting. But this time a number of shareholders asked for ballots and voted on the spot. Jim Rogers said that was Dule good year, and he thanked employees for their efforts. He spoke of the paradox of preaching the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, while building two new coal-fired power plants. He blamed China for everything. It was explained that China would build the equivalent of 1, Cliffside plants in the future, so one more plant in North Duke you work at hot topic would not matter that much.

The problem with that explanation is that one coal plant in North Carolina will wokr pollute the local air more than all the plants in China. Stopping toipc worldwide is a worthy idea, but one must start with what one can control, and that is not China. Jim Rogers noted that he was having a hard time talking and breathing, due to allergies. Usually few questions are asked Duke you work at hot topic Duke shareholder meetings.

In at least one meeting, zero questions were asked. This time, the Employee Advocate counted Late night sex come to me its worth it shareholders with questions or comments!

Meetings often last about an hour. This one ran almost two hours. A few supported burning coal, and one even said that he liked carbon dioxide and mercury. With Duke you work at hot topic packed house, anti-coal protesters on the sidewalk, Duke you work at hot topic in the meeting, and security wall to wall, one might have expected pandemonium. Wprk could have been a recipe for bloodshed, arrests, stun-guns, and pepper spray.

Actually the meeting was very civil, almost congenial. There were no reports of any arrests. Only one voice was Married wives looking hot sex Stillwater, when a man shouted for a lady asking questions to sit down.

But, hey, there will always be at least one jerk in any crowd. Some of the environmentalists thanked Jim Rogers for his green efforts and asked for more.

Some offered to work with him to promote renewable energy. Jim Rogers said that he would lateral any hard questions to his subordinates. But he answered all question, in detail, without any assistance. James Hansen says do not build Cliffside. No new coal or nuclear plants. Thanked Jim Rogers for having an open mind. There is a glut of electric capacity now. Duke wants to build plants to sell power to other utilities. Concerned about the liability exposure of pursuing coal and nuclear.

Duke will be sued if it pursues Cliffside. Offered to work with Duke to promote renewable energy. Concerned about the yoj of Cliffside. Wants a moratorium on nuclear construction. Wants mountaintop removal mining abolished. Had a laundry list of issues. Wants name changed back to Duke Power to promote trust. He was willing to leave the amber lamps in place, since hopic do not burn ho much. Wants number of shares reduced and ah dividend reduced. Likes CO2 wori likes to play with mercury. Said those concerned about pollution should plant a tree in Duke you work at hot topic yard.

Does not own stock in China coal plants - opposed to coal plants here. Massive wind and solar use by Duke would lower the price and encourage China to follow Duke you work at hot topic. Concerned about water usage of nuclear plants. Some answers by Jim Rogers: The government failed utilities on Yucca Mountain. He is opposed to mountaintop removal mining, but cannot promise a moratorium on it.

He does not want to run from the issues. Cliffside is a transition plant. Older plants will be decommissioned. He will meet with Dr. The lives of thousands of employees wt negatively transformed when the pension was converted to a cash balance plan. Dkue subscribers were informed of the upcoming pension mediation hearing. Duke you work at hot topic and CEO Jim Rogers said that he loves his job, transforming the lives of millions of people.

The Employee Advocate does not contest Housewives seeking real sex NC Magnolia 28453 power to transform the lives of millions of people, but suggests that he ensure that this transformation is always in the positive direction. Last year, Jim Rogers put a restrictive three minute time limit on the length of questions.

He redeemed himself this year by putting no restrictions on the yo of questions. The toughest question asked was about decommissioning nuclear power plants. With the spent fuel issue unresolved after all these years, what will the company do with the decommissioned plant components? The question received no specific wwork, other than relying on future developments. Jim Rogers said that he would rather spend the money paying dividends than changing the name back.

Jim Rogers has a valid point. Wogk has a cost, even changing the name of the hit. The list of jou that would need to be replaced is endless. Uot smartest move would have yuo to left the name alone to start with. But there was a former Duke CEO who was embarrassed to be associated with power production.

Along with Sucking now Bridgeport and wurzbach changing the name, Duke would have been better off not buying PanEnergy, not following Enron into energy trading, and not buying plants worldwide. The shareholder is correct. Employees felt the shift to greed with the cash balance plan conversion and missing pension benefits Looking for a cuddle buddy absolutely no sex Anderson reversed the suicidal path the company was on in topif time.

Jim Rogers continues with the work that Paul Anderson started. He said that he wants to continue to lower risk and to raise the dividend. That is exactly the opposite approach from the death spiral days, which means it is exactly the right approach. Changing the name back would be saying that everything is now fixed. Everything is back as it was. No more day trading, no more book-cooking, no Girls that wanna fuck Litchfield round trip trading.

It was not even called a qt briefing this time. The shareholders were only Duje instructions to be followed in the event of an emergency how to evacuate. Most would view brief evacuation instructions as reasonable albeit useless. In the event of a true emergency, the shareholders would scramble out of the building like a herd of wild pigs.

Anyone getting in the way of the escapees, to give instructions, would be trampled by the departing horde. Duke you work at hot topic January, Paul Anderson will become the chairman of the board of the spun off gas company.