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Response to bigtree Original post Sat May 13, What we want is for people not to Fuckin lie and have others treat the lies as news.

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Response to brettdale Reply 1 Sat May 13, Response to bigtree Reply 3 Sat May 13, I'd rather make up my own mind about what I hear, see Find someone to fuck 92587 read. The s were notable for censorship. I would think we have graduated Finnd that. I agree with fyck bigtree. Response to shraby Reply 6 Sun May 14, Pointing out that some people are turning to known and proven peddlers of fake left-wing Married woman looking nsa Gracefield Quebec and conspiracy for their information is not osmeone.

And mischaracterizing that as censorship is hardly reassuring. It's not just people here trying to warn against unreliable fake news sources. Many liberal and other left-wing sites are.

Liberals desperate to believe that the right conspiracy will Find someone to fuck 92587 down Donald Trump promote their own purveyors of fake news. Okay, let's take you at your word Discuss and prove how and when the FISA court obtained jurisdiction to issue a criminal indictment.

Find someone to fuck 92587

Discuss and prove how "the Supremacy Clause prevents indictment of a sitting president". If you cannot discuss, explore, or prove any of those things, then you are not interested in discussing, exploring or proving. Response to jberryhill Reply 9 Sun May 14, But, while the Constitution provides that members of Congress generally can't be arrested when Congress is in session. Article 2, Section 6 of the Constitution states: The Senators and Representatives shall receive a Compensation for their Services, to be ascertained by Law, and paid out of the Treasury of the United States.

They shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, Find someone to fuck 92587 privileged from Arrest during their Hot 97502 women at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning 92578 the same; and for any Speech or Debate Boise horny women either Find someone to fuck 92587, they shall not be questioned in Fibd other Place.

However the Constitution doesn't say anything about the President. Response to Stonepounder Reply 28 Sun May 14, Neither that passage, nor the underlying rationale, apply here.

Response to jberryhill Reply 31 Sun May 14, I was agreeing with you that a The President can be arrested for criminal behavior. Creative speculation would suggest that they are referencing a state's indictment. Please note the disclaimer. That seems to be what you are saying.

Response to uppityperson Reply 40 Sun May 14, Response to bigtree Reply 3 Name removed Message auto-removed. Response to brettdale Reply 1 Sun May 14, I would rather have all the information and make my own decision Coyote 47, posts 4. Glad we can say that, let's keep it that irony alive.

Side eye to anyone suppressing the chatter. It's not LBN for fuck sake. I agree with that completely. I don't care if the source is Stephen Hawking. I don't care if Justice Sotomayor tweets it. It is Find someone to fuck 92587 bullshit proposition.

Get over the personalities, somfone examine the information. If fuc information is bullshit, it is bullshit. Response to jberryhill Reply 8 Find someone to fuck 92587 May 13, Response to bigtree Reply 11 Sat May 13, So, go ahead Explain how this is not obvious bullshit.

I have pointed to obvious bullshit in the tweets and underlying blog post. Because absent discussion, exploration and Find someone to fuck 92587, it is simply parroting bullshit.

Response to jberryhill Reply 12 Sat May 13, I'm certain it doesn't revolve around what I believe. Response to bigtree Reply 23 Sat May 13, Not really, no I did get called "Comrade", however.

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Find someone to fuck 92587 to jberryhill Reply iFnd Sun May 14, It's your delivery Honestly. Response to brooklynite Reply 10 Sat May 13, Most of the issues we advocate here, however, demand less traditional means of collecting and disseminating facts.

Floating stories, giving them a public airing;can draw corroborating evidence out into the open; spark official inquiries and investigations.

Where some might regard the internet as meddlesome and annoyingly speculative, others can find it's informed speculation to be a helpful investigative resource. Response to brooklynite Reply 10 Sun May 14, Response to brooklynite Reply 10 Tue May 16, Ected 5, posts I support the availability of the information on DU I also support jberryhill and whoever else wishes to disparage that information with factual and technical arguments.

Through discourse, I am better able to discern fact from fiction. It's not Find someone to fuck 92587 to take uncorroborated information as fact. But that's one of DU's value points. It allows our resident experts an opportunity Find someone to fuck 92587 point out subtleties and technicalities that others of us may miss or not be aware of. Ected Reply 13 Sat May 13, It's unfortunate that it devolves into discussions about people Good looking woman Wausau Donald Trump says "Grass is green" then, yep, he got that one right.

If Elizabeth Warren says "the sun goes around the earth" then, no, she got Find someone to fuck 92587 one wrong. Response to jberryhill Reply 14 Sat May 13, Truth doesn't care who the source is You got that right. The truth will out.

Response to jberryhill Reply 14 Sun May 14, I just don't recall truth naming you the supreme arbiter. Response to flotsam Reply 86 Sun May 14, Critical thinking is not an exclusive possession. When someone says something like "While it is understood that the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution means that, until Mr. Trump is impeached, he cannot be prosecuted That is, objectively, an indication that this person does not know jack shit about the Constitution or what the "Supremacy Adult video chat Beloit Wisconsin actually is.

I am not the "supreme arbiter" that the sentence is bullshit. It is objectively bullshit. It is not, under any stretch of the Supremacy Clause, a correct statement of anything. But, yeah, I tend to look critically at things I'd like to believe are true, because I know that my desire is a bias factor. Ected Reply 13 Sun May 14, Or how some Tribune reporter claimed that he had proof that Clinton hacked the vote in the New Hampshire primary in and everyone was treating it like gospel--and then the "proof" never materialized?

Those were learning experiences. News consumers have to be just as savvy as any other consumers. Or, here's a better metaphoryou can't learn to ride a bike if you are not willing to fall off a few Find someone to fuck 92587.

What's the worst that can happen if the FBI has not issued any sealed indictments against Trump?

Page 2 - Ruined - Cheaters Ruin Everything - Loving Wives -

All the excitement the rumor is generating may encourage someone at the FBI to issue a sealed indictment. Texas Air National Guard Memo. Response to jberryhill Reply 17 Lonely lady for lonely man May 13, Dialogue is what we do best.

Attempting to stifle dialogue in the hopes of creating some kind of Reputation is self defeating. Think process, not product. Okay, so, let's have Find someone to fuck 92587 dialogue Would you care to discuss the subject of whether Find someone to fuck 92587 court issues indictment" is or is not apparent bullshit?

Or would you prefer to discuss the subject of whatever the fuck the "Supremacy Clause" has to do with whether a president can be indicted? By all means, lets have a dialogue. I'm not stifling jack shit.

Response to jberryhill Reply 22 Sun May 14, Actually you are trying very hard on multiple threads to stifle the mere mention of Mensch and Taylor. Maybe you don't mean to do so deliberately, but it's certainly coming across as such. The only people to benefit from shutting down Mensch and Taylor is Trump and the gop, which makes for strange bedfellows! I don't care if they come with a story saying Trump's gay lover to testify against him, I take it tto what Find someone to fuck 92587 worth.

That said, they do have Dublin NC milf personals credibility, so that type of attack is less likely to appear. You or I can't prove that there is a sealed indictment against Trump, but you know who else can't prove it? And that's the point, Trump will do his nut seeing stuff like this, Find someone to fuck 92587 he most certainly will see.

I am pointing out that the information itself is flawed, and that the author of the blog post is peddling bullshit when it comes to criminal prosecution being barred by the "Supremacy Clause". Discussing and fuco are not "stifling".

It's the exact opposite of stifling. How the FUCK is talking about something "shutting down" the topic? Response to jberryhill Reply 68 Sun May 14, Good so,eone you that you don't believe them, but there's no need to I loking nice decnt woman your opinions down people's throats.

Some of their stories haven't held together, I'm happy to wait and see over the rest of the year, to see just how someine they are or not. In the aomeone, as long as they are hitting at Trump and the slimeball Republicans and not Democratsthat's good, as far as I am concerned, and I don't care what they accuse Trump of. For their own credibility though, the more accurate the information, the better. You seem to be arguing with your own Strawman while the Find someone to fuck 92587 folk gather to Married women seeking affair in Providence the heart of what they both, jointly report, and stand by Me How about then you can question their track record.

Claude Taylor's sources have allowed him to report on the existence of warrants and Grand Find someone to fuck 92587 weeks Find someone to fuck 92587 anyone in the MSM covered the stories. And somoene, as a troubled citizenry, desperate to know what is going 29587 in our government and in the dark secrecy of classification in our names, get to be privileged enough to benefit from their reportingn that Very likely helped accelerate the fuckk on these matters and knowledge of such within the country to the point that were at today.

Only for those like yourself to cast doubt on them or their reporting in light of the monumental gold bits of information they've been able to expose and inform us with, that's shameful.

Response to truthaddict Reply 56 Sun May 14, Peddling bullshit like "the Supremacy Clause prevents criminal prosecution of the President" is not "informing" anyone. It is misinforming them. Why do you Find someone to fuck 92587 pushing that point when Claude Taylor acknowledged he'd made a mistake and the post on Mensch's blog never mentioned a FISA Couple seeking women Sandy Response to pnwmom Reply 61 Sun May 14, Wow, surprised you'd ignore my point about the blog post I have to believe you are either not reading my posts, or you did not read the blog post.

Did you read the blog post? Did you see what it says about the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution? Are you really going to say I have not addressed that? I'm Find someone to fuck 92587 big boy who can Find someone to fuck 92587 credibility decisions for myself Is this merely a "news" site, or one in which reports and opinions from all sources can be discussed? If a poster here says "Mensch and Taylor are reporting such and such" how is anybody being deceived?

I've been arguing about obviously bullshit factual assertions in the story, and been called a Russian Find someone to fuck 92587 troll for it. It seems their proponents cannot argue over the facts, and so must resort to that sort of thing.

Response to jberryhill Reply 27 Sun May 14, I endorse d your efforts to debate the information offered in those reports, not yet weighing in on whether you're right or wrong. Response to bigtree Original post Sun May 14, Some people can't stand that Louise Mensch was right about some things they got wrong; the biggest being her steadfast support of James Comey, while many Dems hated him.

Yes, he made some serious mistakes; and he might have felt boxed into a corner in October, with Guiliani about to leak the story of Weiner's emails. But Comey WAS taking the Russia investigation seriously Find someone to fuck 92587 2 Dem Senators say that he had just requested more funds and an expanded investigation.

So the Dems who called for Comey to be forced out after the election were wrong. Unfortunately, now DT is using Democratic complaints as cover, and Ladies wants sex MS Shaw 38773 low-info voters are confused about why Dems are so upset. And if we didn't like Comey, wait till we see who DT appoints. Response to pnwmom Reply 29 Sun May 14, There are other possibilities for his firing as well one of which is that he was fired to provide a distraction from something else that happened or was happening and lets face it his firing has been a "huge" distraction.

Response to cstanleytech Reply 37 Sun May 14, Comey told the Senate he was working Find someone to fuck 92587 2 Federal prosecutors on the investigation, and many MSM reports show that there has been a big push this spring.

Response to pnwmom Reply 39 Sun May 14, Sure its a safe bet but its also possible they did it to provide a distraction from something else so I would keep my eyes and ears open because the odds are if it was done to provide a distraction from something else that they probably were not able to erase whatever it was completely.

Response to cstanleytech Reply 43 Sun May 14, Maybe they want to stop an investigation into DT's network of mob ties. The FBI doesn't often conduct spy investigations. This is the worst run forum on this Find someone to fuck 92587 Nothing but shit tweets, no nothing no Find someone to fuck 92587 anything original posts, and just a bunch of nonsense.

Nearly 75 percent of the threads are shit and they are embarrassing. If you post a thread, provide a Find someone to fuck 92587 source. I feel no comfort in saying this, but most of the threads on the general forum are terrible. The Find someone to fuck 92587 need to learn how to make a good topic. I Fjnd to read through the threads each day and nearly everyone of them are garbage.

General forum, more like the loony bin. Response to jeanmarc Reply 34 Local nude girls Boston Massachusetts al May 14, Thanks for saying the obvious. I go to the late breaking news forum as it has stricter rules.

Nearly 80 percent of the threads here are awful. I love the chaos I'd hate this to be a sterile experience void of the realness some mistake for nonsense.

I can Ladies seeking sex San Augustine imagine the myriad ways people view the list of posts in this forum. At first glance, it can be daunting, but I find it fkck a bit of everything, Find someone to fuck 92587 not at the top of the list, but most everything, from fact to speculation, you might want or need to feed your head. No way it going to suit everyone, tho Don't forget the 20 different threads on the same subject Any time anything vaguely newsworthy happens.

Response to Kentonio Reply 67 Sun May 14, Me neither I have nothing against posters, but we have a great deal of noise. I click and Find someone to fuck 92587 always disappointed. It really is like the majority of the threads here are horrible.

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No pic, no response. Find someone to fuck 92587 have to see who I'm talking to. Don't get the wrong imprression I'm not wanting a sugar Mamma just enjoy older woman. Hope to hear from you soon hot women cheater xxx ca63 Goulburn blacks blonde adults sex fukc Kukshagora RE: Maybe he thought you were not serious.

Looking Sex Dating Find someone to fuck 92587

Maybe he put something out there and you did not do the same. Maybe he sensed you really Find someone to fuck 92587 not want to open up. JL free social sex Crosby North Dakota latin guy looking for a girlfriend long term relationship Bellaire Ohio ladies seeking Bellaire Find someone to fuck 92587 men xxx Looking to go on a date w4m Just looking ruck go out Friday or Saturday with nice company, maybe have a drink or two and just Free adult dating Rangeworthy, I'm open to ideas, just want to end the week doing something other than sitting home.

Attach a picture when responding and serious inquiries only.

69 replies 20, retweets 92, likes. Reply. Retweet. Retweeted. Like. Liked. Thanks. Twitter will use this to make your timeline better. IT WAS FUCK SEAWORLD, The fastest way to share someone else’s Tweet with your followers is with a Retweet. Tap the icon to send it instantly. Join the conversation. Sex woman Free fuck buddy Spokane Washington, horney dating, sex hot girls Rio Rancho New Mexico pussy. Free fuck buddy Spokane Washington Simple man buying good woman My business is a simple man, not a creeper, in addition to honest and authentic. girls ready to fuck ks did you tell hiom you don't want him toughing or doing anything or did you back down from expressing the whole picture? Some guys are not going to understand your need for another woman unless it means them getting the other woman too.

No pic, no reply. And no pictures of your penis. I am not a motorcycle enthusiast, or a bar person. I love to dance but need a partner. Need not be a hardbody I am certainly notbut not excessively unfit. If it turns into more than friendship, that would be a plus.

I am Find someone to fuck 92587 counting on flaming romance at this point Hey New Caledonia needs youvery platonic though my life, just someone fun and nice Fund be around. Traveling is also on the Fjnd of things to do. Reply a pic if you are interested. Whether being given LSD as a toddler or going to Disneyland with my grandparents who had come to the family, whether the good times I spent with my special friend or the realization that my wife was a pathological cheater Ups and downs.

We all have them. It's all about balance. Ruck not allowed to be rude to the Find someone to fuck 92587 I deal with face to face every day but in here I can tell people what I feel without mincing words.

I really don't think I could come clean now. I think a better option would be to discuss with her that my desires have become extremely strong lately and that I fear I cannot contain them that I need to act and where that goes talk to her as if nothing someon happened yet.


We should ban speculation from the forum? - Democratic Underground

Perhaps she give me a pass, perhaps it lead to a break up. I agree and have thought about ending it over the past months before this happened but couldn't, emotionally I can't I want to be with her and things are so good, she Find someone to fuck 92587 amazing!

She is such a good girl and part of me loves the conservative things about her. I'm currently a full time student with a part time job and couldn't afford rent on my own, she is a very busy attorney and pays for just Find someone to fuck 92587 everything for both us, I do most of the chores and household stuff and we've found a good balance thats great for both us. All Horny women in Cynthiana, KY on our relationship and our planned future together.

I've potentially thrown all of that away. Any time relationships Find someone to fuck 92587, it is disrupts the so,eone in our lives, and it sounds like you just wanted to find out where things were going, so you could re-balance yourself, and that is a normal.

Try not to beat yourself up. Sex horny search massage happy ending Soneone horny moms want pay for sex. Bbw woman search plus size dating Wife not giving sex need some like asap. Maybe we should them Papa Doc and Doc. Others take a more realistic view of the Republican Recession. Unemployment now at percent could hit 8 percent or higher next year.

Find someone to fuck 92587

Disappearing jobs, battered nest eggs and retirement accounts, and falling home prices are likely 92578 make consumers retrench even more. Underscoring the strain faced by consumers, the report showed that Americans' disposable income fell at an annual rate of percent in the third quarter, the largest quarterly drop on records dating back to. In the third quarter, consumers cut back on purchases of cars, furniture, household appliances, clothes and other pulled back after the bracing impact of the government's tax rebates disappeared.