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Tatted You wouldn't think it would be this hard to meet someone compatible Filon how many people are in this area. I am lbs. Please send a pic Once again, I am an average seeking boy with a kinky side, ive never been with anyone of Housewives want sex Filion same sex:))))m4t, m4mw, m4w 420 Hey I'm a friendly and I would like to find a FWB. Just trying to what I wasn't able to with wannt maintenance ex.

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Seems like a cool guy just having fun with life.

You don't have to be gay or married for that. Are people here unaware that Nathan Filion is gay? He walks sthe streets of NYC openly affectionate with his boyfriend. I'd thought this was common knowledge.

I find it interesting that he and his costar aren't getting along. The first time I watched his show, the first thing that jumped out at Housewives want sex Filion was that it seemed to be written so that either of the stars could be easily jettisoned without having to retool the show.

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Some DLer knows him through a friend of a friend and said he is straight. A bit weird, but straight. I've seen him refer to himself in the third person as "Daddy," if that means anything: I've been saying the Jason Bateman thing for years now and everyone thinks I'm nuts. Well, I am nuts but the Jason Housewives want sex Filion thing still stands. Apparently you're nuts too and I love you Love in Orient Washington it.

R15, it was based on R3's link. Of course, Housewives want sex Filion all speculation, and, other than that link, I have no real reason to believe they aren't getting along.

The characters include Castle, his mother, Housewives want sex Filion daughter, with appearances by two of his ex-wives, his fellow mystery writers, his experts in the city.

I think the copy could be easily replaced, but I don't think they could easily replace Castle from Castle without changing the title Housewives seeking sex tonight LaPlace Louisiana Castle: Matt LeBlanc, Tom Cruise were married. Then people would say he was bearding. I had never seen an interview with him before that Ferguson clip, and NF is totally witty and charming. I see how Castle is a Housewives want sex Filion role for him.

Such a pleasant fellow. I can't really see him calling his co-star a cunt and a whore if the BI guesses are correctbut I think it might be kinda hawt if he did!

No one said marriage was proof you're not gay.

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He's had a fairly successful career so far: Not to mention his cult hit musical shorts with Neil Patrick Harris. So there's no reason he shouldn't continue having a Housewivds career. I know a lot of out Housewives want sex Filion men that age or older who have never had a serious boyfriend let alone lived with a partner. No he is not. Then there are the Tuc Watkins rumors.

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Then in the Caterer Gossip thread, one of blind items the Caterer posted was about Nathan Fillion; said he loved "pussy" but not the female kind. I can see that this point is new to you, but I'm going to say it only once:. I can't believe no one has mentioned this. On Robert Sean Leonard's blog, Nathan has two posts:.

I have to say, Firefly is right up there with St. Elsewhere on Housewives want sex Filion list of favorite TV Housewives want sex Filion of all time. Don't tell anyone at 98499 mature sex I said this, since Housewifes kinda like my job there, but they were idiots to cancel your show. My lips are sealed, I promise.

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I love watching you on House. Truthfully, though, I have crushed on you ever since Dead Poet's Society. Tuc is a friend. I asked him about Nathan. He said Nathan's straight but cool. Not into men in the least but isn't squicked by it either. They used to Housewives want sex Filion out as friends but haven't been close for a while due to work conflicts. Housewives want sex Filion said they "double-dated" once but it was too weird all around all Nathan's gf wanted to talk about was gay sex and gay guys It doesn't look like him at all.

Maybe it's another actor who was on Firefly.

They tell me that everyone is straight, including Clay Aiken and Liberace! Look, closeted actors all have two sets of friends.

They don't tell their straight friends that they're gay. That's how they lead double lives. I Housewives want sex Filion walking down third street Promenade in Santa Monica, and he walked by and totally cruised me. Not sure if he is gay bi or sicilian, but he def gave me a look that had hidden magical meanings.

If it wasnt crowded, and we werent walking in the opposite directions, he was heading towards The AMC movie theatres, I was heading towards Wilshire Blvd I bet ya he would have started talking to me, or struck up a convo. Im Horny black moms of new Tampa Florida dude btw. OR he could have just had to poo or something and I mis read the magical signs. Now off you go girls, theres a Liza marathon on!!!

Almost every actor with the exception of A. For whatever it's worth, this is his current girlfriend url at the bottom Housewives want sex Filion they've reportedly been together since January - they've also been seen together around LA according to fan accounts.

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He's mentioned a girlfriend not by name Houswwives several print and audio interviews, including some he did before Castle came Addington OK horny girls same story about how he read the script for the Castle pilot and then reread Housewives want sex Filion to his girlfriendand there are pictures of him with his former girlfriends on the internet.

They all seem the same type - women with long dark hair.

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He's also confirmed at one of those comic cons that he dated Tricia Helfer Battlestar Galactica and occasionally mentions the girlfriend on his Twitter account, too, though again not by name. I'm sure he's had plenty of Fjlion but he's very careful not to mention any names. I find it interesting that his current gf's Twitter account is private - my guess is some fans found out Housewives want sex Filion she's dating and harassed her and she Wives seeking hot sex Burlington Junction to change it to a private account.

I'm sure people here will believe all the women are beards but I don't know why he would go to Housewives want sex Filion trouble of bearding. Most people have no clue who he is though Castle's arguably the highest-viewed project he's ever done. I honestly don't see Castle lasting beyond another season. I feel bad for him and Whedon - Firefly was by very far the dex project he was ever involved in and he's done nothing but crap like Drive and forgettable guest roles on Desperate Housewives since it was cancelled.

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Their bodies are only touching wanf the shoulder. The bottom halves of their bodies are far away from the other. R85, there are Mett thick women in memphis of other pics of the two of them together where they look "touchier," plus pics of him with other women where the caption refers Housewives want sex Filion the woman as his 'girlfriend.

There have also been firsthand accounts on Castle and Firefly fansites of fans seeing him in places like the airport and the supermarket with a female companion acting lovey-dovey, though Firefly was a few years ago so the companion the FF fans refer to may not be the same one as the Housewives want sex Filion the Castle fans have seen.

Do a google image search of the words "Nathan Fillion girlfriend" and you'll see more pics.

Personally, from everything I've heard from being a Firefly fan, he's quite the womanizer. Heck, you can even pick that up from reading his Twitter.

He could be making it all up but I doubt it from everything else I've heard and read about him. Around the Housewives want sex Filion that Firefly was on, I could've sworn I heard that he was married to a womanbut I wasn't a Houseeives of the show then so I might've misheard or it could be wrong. But I wouldn't be surprised if Hot Three Rivers wants pounding true and it broke up.

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Okay, let the accusations of me being a delusional frau commence! Really though, the only thing that pisses me off where Nathan Fillion is concerned is that Firefly got cancelled and while the much-subpar Castle gets another season, blech.

Nah, R85, your comments are far too calm, level-headed and polite sx you to be a delusional Housewives want sex Filion. Anyway, I'll go and do a Google image search as you suggested re: Nathan Fillion and girlfriend and see if there's any other interesting body language.

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R88, keep Woman seeking sex Barker mind that when I said "touchier" in my post up above, IFlion didn't mean Housewives want sex Filion particularly more than say, hand-holding.

I think it's pretty obvious from his behavior that swx he is dating, man or woman, he's very careful to keep it as private as possible so I doubt you'll Housweives pics of him dry humping anyone or anything like that.

I don't think he even brings his dates to premiers anymore again I suspect that he must have had a bad fan incident with the current gf and is trying to keep on the downlow now Fiilion I'm just saying that there are pics of him with women and they all seem the same type of brunette, which Housewives want sex Filion I suspect his "type. I said the frau comment partly in jest, partly because to a regular here, my posts do seem like they're trying to defend his hetero status. I couldn't care less if he is straight or gay, I genuinely believe he is straight or very likely bi if the post on CDAN about him making out with a guy in NY is to be believed.

What I CAN'T believe is that he's not interested in women at all - there's Housewives want sex Filion too much info to the contrary to believe that. Firefly was great but Fox screwed it over from day one. But I shouldn't get started on that. There's a whole bunch of Livejournal people who pretend to Henderson looking for rice celebrities and then they all interact with one another.

And that RSL is fooled Filkon a Nathan imposter? R67, just check the profile. It clearly says it's a roleplaying journal. Fjlion not really Robert Sean Leonard.