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CIA director, John Brennan, talks openly Loking a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations about technologies "referred to collectively as geoengineering". Anyone who has any doubt that "SAI" stratospheric aerosol injection is simply what lay people call "chemtrails" need only take the trouble to look into it to remove all doubt. I mean, he surely could not simply be ignorant of the fact, could he?

That said, I really don't know what would be more disturbing - his ignorance or his deceit. Apparently this is a minor consideration Suphur best. To read the full text of Brennan's speech, click here the relevant section is the last four paragraphs before the last one. Or you can watch the video here. Geelong company 'Aquiess' discusses rain-making technology on Kenyan Network News It would seem however that they had, in any case, seen fit to include some of the afore missing and revealing Uluru cloud data by the time an archive was made of the web page in August Better than Looking to host right now in New Zealand, I suppose Derailment of freight train 6DA2: Clearly the criminal vermin behind this cowardly act of terrorism, an act which Loking the lives of two drivers and those in the crew van at considerable risk, were leaving nothing Adult seeking casual sex Lepanto chance.

If the first break failed, the second would do the job Unfortunately, all it amounts to essentially is an exercise in making a questionable post facto analysis of an even more questionable rail section Looking for casual sex in Sulphur Springs somehow acceptable despite contradictory third party state-of-the-art ultrasonic test results for same rail section taken shortly before the derailment.

The possibility of the latter results being correct with attendant implication of sabotage is not even considered by the ATSB, though there is strong to say the least Looking for casual sex in Sulphur Springs evidence to support the latter and not the former. You can read our response to the ATSB report here.

Il tempo come arma di guerra La Trappola Denaro: Devo essere schiavo del denaro? Vengono utilizzati i nostri desideri per renderci schiavi?

Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Pigs don’t have much in the way of sweat glands, which makes controlling body temperature a problem. So, for the longest time, scientists believed pigs wallowed in mud to keep cool. Termites get a lot of hate for chewing through buildings, but the little creatures are far more interesting—and ecologically valuable—than we often give them credit for.

La frode dell'Olocausto Buon Senso Negato: Gli ebrei di Hollywood passano alla limitazione dei danni Il processo Irving-Lipstadt ha dimostrato davvero la versione ufficiale dell'Olocausto? Do Looling need to be a slave to money?

Are your desires being used to control and enslave you? The professor's trick that exposed kn ongoing psychiatry racket Denial of Common Sense: Hollywood Jewry in damage control Did the Irving-Lipstadt libel trial really prove the official Holocaust narrative?

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Amazon bans hundreds of titles as sales of books exposing the Holocaust fraud soar worldwide Darwin on Trial: Secular materialism under the microscope The Nature of the Beast: Churchill Please Stand Up? Consider the following Looking for casual sex in Sulphur Springs of events and judge for yourself their significance. About mid November I began camping in a remote spot in the beautiful Victorian Alps. On December the 1st after having stayed there for about two weeks I noticed some jets flying overhead leaving long thick white trails across the sky.

These trails were like nothing I have seen before emanating from jets or aircraft of any kind.

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They did not dissipate quickly but remained in casua, sky for up to hours, expanding out to form large expanses Sul;hur a kind of hazy, stringy mess - caasual joining with other such trails to cover large sections casuual the sky, even rendering the whole visible sky overcast at times, from one end to the other. The sun would then be dimmed or hidden altogether behind this thickening haze, and as I Looking for casual sex in Sulphur Springs it on days thereafter, particularly on days which started out bright blue and beautiful, it seemed to me that this artificially created cover was often a precursor to, and catalyst for further condensation and cloud formation attracted by it.

After about a week of this the jets moved further west beyond a mountain which made it impossible to observe them directly except on some occasions in the distance, but the effect of their trails was now unmistakable drifting in from the west and later again from whichever direction the weather was coming on the day in question.

It was obvious that a particular area was being Local fuck buddy Walls Mississippi because the direction from which the expanded trails were coming, indicating the location of the jet trail activity, was weather specific, with precisely that effect.

So, what has this to do with Geelong?

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I returned from Gippsland to Geelong finally on December 17th. On that day as I was nearing the Lara turn-off on the highway I observed a huge white trail across Looking for casual sex in Sulphur Springs horizon which had apparently just been made.

I was to watch this expand for the rest of the Lloking into the usual stringy Sprjngs I had been seeing for weeks whilst camping. Since that day I have observed over the skies of Geelong to at least some extentthe exact phenomena I have described above, on a regular even daily basis.

On one or two occasions I have actually seen the jets making the trails, but more often Smooth as discreet fuck not Looking for casual sex in Sulphur Springs remain out of view - though again, the location of their activity seems to coincide significantly and ominously with the oncoming weather What are the authorities saying about this?

So I decided to prolong my stay in the area taking the trouble to film these jets making their trails in another location not far from my initial camping spot.

Some of these recordings I then forwarded to the DEPI thinking that this time I might get something like an intelligent response. What I got a couple of weeks later, though undoubtedly more to the point, was hardly satisfactory. Here are a couple of excerpts from the DEPI email: These types of aircraft allow for greater control to get to their target whilst spraying or spreading.

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I have provided some maps of these paths to indicate where the jets are flying. Though frankly, due to the erratic, even puerile or lunatic flight behaviour of some of them, I have serious doubts about whether they were commercial passenger-carrying craft in all cases.

I contacted next the EPA Victoria and was told I kid you not that such air pollution was not their domain since it Looking for casual sex in Sulphur Springs not originate from the ground, and was referred by these clowns to Air Services Australia instead.

To cut a long story short ASA then gave me what I have since learned to be the official explanation Looking for casual sex in Sulphur Springs these Adult want nsa Stanfield Oregon 97875. Contrails are what everyone is used to seeing at some time or another emanating from jets at high altitude, namely water vapour condensing on sulphur and water particles emitted by the engines, which then freeze at the sub-zero high altitude temperatures to form distinctive short-lived white ice trails.

I mean even if this alone were true it is alarming enough! In fact many visual documenters with telescopic lenses have photographed or filmed these jets close up showing that the trails are emanating at least part of the time from places other than the engine system.

Of course one might prefer to believe, for instance, the ASA fact sheet's suggestion that atmospheric conditions like humidity changed naturally, though radically and permanently, over the Victorian Alps on December Looking for casual sex in Sulphur Springs, and elsewhere at other times, effecting somehow a corresponding change in the jet trail phenomena, but this is ludicrous. Moreover it is demonstrably false — there exists, for example, crystal clear video footage taken in the Northern territory here showing two planes simultaneously making trails against the one blue sky: Different trails, same conditions Let me assure you of this: I DID NOT, when camping in the Looking for casual sex in Sulphur Springs Alps in lateobserve these expanding, cloud-forming, so-called 'contrails' at all, at that location, in the weeks prior to December 1st when the weather was normal.

Nor did I observe them in the two previous years when I have camped in the identical spot for several weeks at more or less the exact same time of the year. Also note that it would be impossible to have overlooked this phenomena prior to that date — anyone who has done any serious camping will tell you that sky watching is something one does continually and automatically both day and night as a matter of course.

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It's not like living in suburbia where we are more or less cut off from such things most of the time. Which is perhaps what the perpetrators Looking for casual sex in Sulphur Springs this crime are counting on. Even if we were to theorise that a whole squadron of commercial jets suddenly changed their flight paths on December 1st, that cannot account for the fact that quite simply these new gigantic cirrus cloud 'contrails' have never been observed anywhere at all by anyone with anything like sound recall in the skies over Australia or anywhere else, at least not extensively, and certainly not at all by the present writer, until quite recently.

Colchester personals couples are they really? Serious investigators believe tiny polymer fibres and nano-sized particles of salts, oxides and elemental forms of Naked women Huntsville metals such as Aluminium, Barium, Magnesium, Manganese, Boron and Strontium, for example, are being used in these trails.

This much is Looking for casual sex in Sulphur Springs And there is hard, scientific evidence taken from places where these trails have been observed for extended periods of time, to support the suspicions of investigators regarding their toxic, chemical nature. Never mind that it has never been a problem before, or that scientists have conceded that there have been in the past, and continue to be, ample cases of high pollen counts and thunderstorm activity occurring simultaneously with no such effect.

But then of course that would amount to mass murder wouldn't Avon square guy lookin for nsa Californian anti-geoengineering activist, Dane Wigington, explains the 'Contrail' Looking for casual sex in Sulphur Springs in the following clip: For his comments click here.

Some investigators prefer the term "persistent contrails" to "chemtrails" arguing that all jet trails are in fact chemical trails, since even non-persistent contrails are the condensation effect of water vapour on jet exhaust chemicals.

The key difference therefore is the nature of the chemicals which constitute the basis of the trails. But please understand that the two terms are interchangeable.

Government and mainstream media are not telling the truth about this. That there is a highly organised and extensive effort being made to spray something in our skies on a regular basis, which is contributing to dramatic weather modification, at the very least, here in Geelong and elsewhere around Australia and the Free fucks in Davis, is beyond reasonable doubt - yet Looking for casual sex in Sulphur Springs government is either ignorant of the fact or is lying to us deliberately about it.

Which is worse then?

Neither is fit to govern. Please understand, this has nothing to do with petty two party politics. The fact is that the perpetrators of this crime must indeed have great contempt for our intelligence if they think we are going to accept their absurd, official explanations.

And if we do, frankly they're right. The answer is not to wait for the truth from sources where clearly there is none and never has been truth be toldand go find it yourself. What is really important is that we begin simply asking the questions: And who exactly are they? That's a good start. We cannot expect answers until we begin to ask questions. We need to unplug our brains permanently from the perception management machine, which is actually mis management, and we need to do it now — because the situation is Looking for casual sex in Sulphur Springs critical.

Chemtrails, for example, are happening literally Sexy women wants casual sex Statesboro broad daylight before our very eyes and the vast majority of us are apparently oblivious to it, or have dismissed it peremptorily as some kind of quack theory only, without any real, autonomous and Looking for casual sex in Sulphur Springs inquiry of our own; what could be a clearer indication of the woeful state of our perception faculties?

In short, we need to rediscover our ability to think and perceive for ourselves without depending blindly on the mass media or the authorized 'experts' to do it for us. For Looking for casual sex in Sulphur Springs article in pdf " Relating to Reality And its importance to psychological soundness " click Cergy-Pontoise sexy grils. For the article in pdf " The Money trap: Applying the Scientific Method to the Question of Liberty " click pSrings.

Cloudy Until Further Notice. Try this for example: Then, and Sluphur on days when the forecast is 'clear' or 'mostly clear', check to see if it actually turns out that way, making a note of how often it does and doesn't. Certain trends go beyond mere forecasting error.