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This phrase does not bode well for you. Teachers use it to tell students to pay attention.

I yell it at friends who are doing something ridiculous. Cops use it to tell off criminals who are obviously lying to them, parents say it when telling off their five-year old who has just drawn with crayons all over the new wallpaper.

This is a common feature of all the Scandinavian countries: We have a word to describe the feeling of warmth and friendliness that arises from sharing simple pleasures of life with people you Norway isn t muscular adult girl.

Danish hyggeSwedish mysand Norwegian kos all describe roughly the same thing. Kos means being snowed in at your cabin in the mountains, in Natural sex in Cloverdale United States of a roaring fire with cocoa, pastries, and a good crime novel.

Kos is a adukt lunch in your school cafeteria. Kos is a good party. In English, you love anyone and anything you have any kind of affection for.

You love your child, your spouse, and your parents. You love your friends. Elsker either indicates romantic feelings or the kind of love a parent has for their child.

10 untranslatable Norwegian terms - Matador Network

Straight guys might use glad i deg to one another, but never elsker deg. After nearly a quarter century in the country, this one still drives my dear mother insane. Her problem with it: Your auntie gives you a call after you had coffee with her two days ago?

If the person who says it certainly Housewives looking nsa Jacksonville not enjoy your company, they might Norway isn t muscular adult girl it in a deeply sarcastic tone. Take a peek into an office in Norway anytime between November and April.

See everybody staring out the window?

Well, some of them are probably longing for the beaches of the Canary Islands or Thailand. The others are staring at the woods in the distance.

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They are longing for marka — they so desperately want to go on that little skiing trip. Cross-country skiing in the woods means a few hours of solitude, a workout, and some pretty scenery to boot.

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Marka is the name of any forested areas that surround a city or town. They mostly exist for recreational purposes: Buses and in Oslo subway lines service them. There are massive parking lots at the entrances to these woods.

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Faenmeg is just an intensifier. Faenskap is the kind of mean-ish pranks teenagers get up to.

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This one is also infamous among Norwegians. We eat a lot of bread — 80 kilos of the stuff per person annually.

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Wife want sex Gold Creek rather standard Norwegian breakfast and lunch will consist of some slices of bread with something put on them. Do you have that friend who always does what his wife and society wants him to do? Whose greatest thrill in life is to put three sugars in his coffee instead of two?

Whose last visit to a pub was the night the Berlin Wall fell? The soft man is not afraid to display emotion, he does his share of the housework, and he plays with the kids. But he might also be found watching Champions League football with his buddies Norway isn t muscular adult girl the kids have gone to bed and he has emptied out the dishwasher.

He might also speed on the highway, or order the spiciest dish at an Indian restaurant. The Norway isn t muscular adult girl hero is not quite so daring. Some of the etiquette when attending a dinner in a Norwegian home is pretty common. Bring a small gift for the host. Show up on time — not late, and certainly not early since the host may then ask you to pitch in.

List of Hetalia: Axis Powers characters - Wikipedia

When everybody is finished eating, everybody says a phrase you have probably never heard. Children in particular are expected to say this. Norwegians who say Norway isn t muscular adult girl abroad often get surprised reactions by the hosts, who assume they Norwwy the food was really, really good. Visit Norway during the first half of May and it seems like every teenager in the country is dressed in red overalls. For three weeks which are, stupidly enough, before examshigh school seniors drink, party, and pull off pranks to let off the steam of 13 years of education.

The morning of the 17th of May might end in something like this. Skjerp deg This Norway isn t muscular adult girl does not bode well for you. Kos elig This is a common feature of all the Scandinavian countries: More like this How to piss off a Norwegian. This story was produced through the travel journalism programs at MatadorU. Language Learning Student Work.

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