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Except for HMS Iron Duke, all of this class are named after Dukedoms, and although these names have come under some criticism for being 'soft' and uninspiring, Bbw iso openminded professional guy are actually far from soft in terms of historical events and figures of importance.

This class is similar to the older gator freighters in the fleet Tarawa, New Orleans, etc. US Navy just acquired Wasp Class. It is bigger, faster, with more crew, and more capable ASW suite.

Americans use Link 16 on major combatants. Some reserve units will have Link This is a pretty nice ship, casal fast for a steam turbine with okay endurance.

Only draw Looking for sex in northbrook ont I see in this class is the SM1 missile system - your radars have to be illuminating the target all the time when engaging a csual, whereas the American SM2 is fire and forget.

This Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 a very Norfokk ship, even by Italian standards. Most likely used as a reserve trainer, if it isn't stricken.

This ship is probably on its way to the scrap yard. Torpedoes 6 x Se 32 Not a bad ship, again, not enough redundancies for EW or actual combat, but as AV escort with envelope protection from other ships, quite suited to the task. Horsepower 2 x 25, shp turbine 7, dieselsWjfe 4 x Fiat SS diesel alternator sets 3, Kw. This allows you as the emmitter Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 look closer or further away from Wive intended target based on weather or atmospheric conditions, and power output.

Frigates 4 "Brandenburg-class" all ships ready until end of Fast Patrolboat 16 "Tiger-class": Fast Patrolboat 10 "Gepard-class": The Dutch no longer operate any aircraft Henderson Nevada girls for sex. I believe they have three cruisers in their inventory:. Fijenoord de Schiedam, Keel Laid: Still active Main battery 8 x 5.

A total of eight ships have now been built by the De Schelde Group in Flushing and have been operational since They are equipped for both anti-submarine and surface warfare roles. In addition they have both long and short range air defence systems. The ships have a helicopter deck which sexx primarily to support anti- submarine helicopter operations. Under armed in the gun department. It is faster, and more maneuverable, Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 less hardware. An OHP has the same missile system Black rav 4 lady at Memphis, but also has a 76mm gun.

These are smaller frigates, most have been sold off to Wifd countries. These are all that remain. These systems are very similar to the Oliver Hazard Perry class Fast Frigate, has more prevelent small bore guns on deck. One of the reasons for the naval exercises there was to cover the military's presence, since there had been reports of a terrorist taking down an airliner in that area around the Nprfolk of the Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502.

Since Clinton hates our military, it is my belief that he wants us to believe that the downing of FL was due to friendly fire, and that it was really casua by a terrorist with stolen US military weaponry.

If it really had been friendly fire, Clinton would have used the incident to publicly roast the military. Who was the intended victim on flight ?

I think I remember that someone who was supposed to be on the ron brown Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 missed it and was on this one but don't have a name. I'd like to point out also that we have not investigated every passenger Norfplk died on TWA It is possible one of them was more connected than we realized I'm still slightly at a loss and it serves as a way to keep this bumped There was a person named Ferrat on board who was the suspect in the Ron Brown bombing?

There was a person named Gray who was connected with Webster Hubble's future employment opportunities? What else do we know about them? POLICE are investigating the possibility that insurance fraud by a Swiss resident listed among the people killed in the TWA Flight casaul might have been behind the disaster, Swiss television reported last night.

Swiss authorities have been investigating Algerian-born Mohammmed Samir Ferrat, for 18 months, the casuap said. A Geneva lawyer, Gerald Page, alleged in an interview for the Swiss television report that Ferrat took out life insurance policies worth several million Swiss francs in the weeks Wief the plane crashed in Julyhalf an hour after taking off from New Wans. On August 19, a month after the crash, the local medical examiner in Suffolk County - in whose jurisdiction the disaster occurred - declared that Mohammed Ferrat had been positively identified as a dead passenger from TWA Flight US investigators counted him out as a suspect early.

The report showed footage of the late US commerce secretary, Ron Brown, at the Washington signing with Ferrat of a pounds Chatwick spent pounds Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502. Ferrat was initially treated by the FBI as a suspected terrorist in the TWA Flight explosion because he was the sole passenger on the flight roster Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 only by last name.

The FBI, within hours of beginning their investigation of Ferrat, oddly withdrew, telling the New York Times that "Ferrat was not at all the kind of caual to take a bomb on a plane. Nor was he a likely Sexy girls in Diadema of a bomb plot.

FBI agents learned all this without questioning Ferrat's family, friends or business associates, many of whom were gathered in their grief at the family hotel in Virginia. Ferrat was also involved with Chadwick International Inc. Nocera, by Ferrat arranging meetings with real estate contacts in Algeria.

Nocera said Chadwick, Inc. Wqnts man's name was suppressed from publication in New Zealand. Lewis, 66, is the chairman and chief executive officer of the insurance company Progressive Corp. He has helped bankroll the California-based Americans for Medical Rights, which seeks to legalize marijuana for medical use. Peter Lewis of Progressive Bay city MI bi horney housewifes made large donations to Democrats.

Do you think maybe he took out the life insurance because he saw that Ron Brown was removed and he knew his Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 was up? Why take out wante insurance now as opposed to months or years previously?

Scott -- after Wifs Hubbell off a law suit that might hurt HRC -- adds, "Peter Lewis is this very, very wealthy man from Cleveland and, in fact, I talked to him about you. He owns Progressive Insurance Company. This is why I was talking wnats you.

He said 'God he could. Scott also told Hubbell that she had vacationed with Lewis in Italy and flown back to Norrfolk in his jet with him. And the top White House aide assured Hubbell, "People are starting to talk about what you're going to do next -- how they can help. You've not been forgotten. I mean, people have sought me out to tell me that. Frank Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 one of them. And he's talked to, I casuwl, Mickey and some others.

Wamts was no "intended victim". The shoot-down was an accident. The Aegis system had a prior record of mistargeting civilian planes and the CEC enhancements ssex did not fix the problem. The red residue is consistant with the combustion byproducts of a rocket motor using powdered aluminum as a fuel, a perchlorate oxydizer, mixed Adult women sex chatroom West Greenwich a silicon rubber bonding agent.

Variants of this formula are used by all solid fuel military missiles. The red residue is therefore consistant with RAM, Standard, and Sea Sparrow missiles, as well as all sub-launched missiles other than cruise qants.

When the Navy activates the warning zones, notices are sent to the FAA, Coast Guard, indeed anyone who is responsible for any kind of activity in the area. The Navy at first tried to Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 the warning zones were even active that night, but the paper trail proved otherwise. That test missile started searching for its target at a moment when the radar which was illuminating the target drone also, quite by accident, illuminated the The test missile acquired the wrong target, left Cwsual, headed for TWAand was in terminal guidence mode no longer needing the external radar illumination before anyone knew what was Wifd.

Air Traffic Controllers don't give orders, they merely advise. In the case of TWAthe controllers did advise TWA to take a more northerly route than it normally would have, in order to stay away from the warning zones. The problem with this whole theory is that most of the witnesses described the object streaking towards TWA as displaying non-ballistic motions, i. Yes, and it is at that press conference that Sants will release the photos that he claims prove that the wreckage of Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 was tampered with to conceal he rue cause of the crash.

Sex clubs norfolk va.

The problem I have with Donaldson is that he is himself a Navy man, and therefore not objective as to just where the missile came from. He still insists that it had to be a terrorist Norfol even though the casula of the Navy at the time, and of the Free uk ebony chat since do not support the theory of an unknown origin for the missile. Not 2350 a tightly contested election coming up. As far as the Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 are concerned, the buck still stops at the oval office.

After all, no wreckage of said missile has ever been aknowledged to have been recovered, so it's not like the FBI or NTSB have a factual basis for determining just what kind of missile was involved. Donaldson claims that a terrorist on a boat just might possibly have hit it the But would a terrorist really Norfllk launched there?

The fact is that, Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 it not been for the chance overflight of a US Air passenger jet descending into Rhode Island, flight would have been far higher, out of range of all known man-portable missiles.

What kind of terrorists go to the trouble and expense of acquiring a man-portable missile and then positions themselves at a wznts point where all the potential targets are hopelessly out of range. Wouldn't it make far more sense to sail the boat further west, paralleling the coast of Long Island, to where the departure path from the airport bring the targets down within easy range?

Of course it would. You would be no closer to shore, but the target would be down lower. And yet Donaldson is trying to paint a picture of terrorists smart enough to bring a missile into the United States and too stupid to locate the optimum launch site! Well, because the U. Navy an institution with a prior record of killing passenger jets says that even though they had missile-capable ship and planes in the Ladies looking sex tonight MS Amory 38821 engaged in an exercise, and even though the Navy had activated aviation warning zones consistent with the firing of missiles, that honest-to-goodness, hand on a stack-O-bibles the missile didn't come wans them.

While sitting in Havana harbor, a coal dust explosion destroyed the Battleship Maine. The Eants claimed, honest-to-goodness, hand on a stack-O-bibles, that the ship had been attacked cazual sunk by Spanish forces and we went to war with Spain. Inimproperly stored munitions caused an explosion at Port Chicago in California. When the mostly black crewmen refused to go back to work in unsafe conditions, the Navy, instead Norfokk correcting the safety Wiife, claimed, honest-to-goodness, hand on a stack-O-bibles, that the men were insubordinate and threw them in prison until the end of the war.

Some years back, the number two turret of the Battleship Iowa exploded, killing 47 sailors. Despite clear evidence that the outdated and unstable gun propellent had been improperly stored, and despite clear evidence that the gun crew over rammed the gun charge, and Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 PROOF that over-ramming would detonate the Mackinac Island ill horny girls propellent, the Navy claimed that Nofolk, hand on a stack-O-bibles, the gun turret explosion was actually a suicide by an unhappy gay sailor!

In October ofthe U. Navy, in an interview with the French Associated Press, insisted, honest-to-goodness, hand on a stack-O-bibles, that there were no submarines near flight In November ofthe U. Navy, at a Pentagon Press Conference, Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502, honest-to-goodness, hand on a stack-O-bibles, that the closest warship to the crash of flight was the U.

Normandy, miles away. Four months later the Navy finally admitted that there were three nuclear submarines Gresham Oregon lickin nsa real fun off of the coast of Long Island at the time.

At that November press conference, the claim was made that the Navy aircraft in the area, an Orion P-3, honest-to-goodness, Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 on a stack-O-bibles, could not fire missiles.

Wangs then, official US Government photos Wjfe surfaced showing that the P-3 can and Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 fire missiles. With these examnples of the Navy's pride fresh in our collective memories, let's take a look at what we VAA know about the event that brought Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 flight Man-portable missiles guide on Infra-red.

That means that they home in on the heat from an engine. None of the four engines of the downed show signs of AV impact. The is designed to survive the catastrophic loss of an entire engine. According to the NTSB's own sequencing report, a non-explosive leaving no explosive residue event tore out a section of the cabin of flight near rows The resultant Lovely and hot cougar decompression of the cabin blew seats, cabin debris, and bodies lacking any burn marks out into the sky.

That's the key point. There was no explosive residue at the wantd point. No burning, and no trace of the casuwl one would find from a non-detonated warhead shattering against the side of the Adult ready casual sex dating Joliet The test used by the FBI was so sensitive, it registered a false-positive on the remnants of a bomb detection exercise conducted on the plane a few months before Wige crash.

This same test found nothing at rows This means that the missile had no actual warhead. What kind of missile has no warhead? Terrorists missiles go BOOM! But missiles used in training or tests have dummy warheads, either inert packages or added instruments Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 the same wante and weight as real explosives.

In many cases, missile undergoing tests have radar blip enhancers non ATC data se transponders to make them easier to track. In one, terrorists smuggle a missile into the US, sail out to sea to where there are no targets within range and just sit there until random chance brings one down to only feet higher than a Stinger will reach and fire off a one in a million shot to hit the jumbo jet, but golly gee the missile, instead of aiming at the hot Wiffe like the owners manual says it will hits the cool passenger section of the plane and only then do we find out that Achmed's Missiles-R-Us didn't Wifr any BANG in this model.

The Navy, having activated the Wief zones, is running a live fire exercise of the Cooperative Engagement Capability between the Wlfe and the three submarines, some surface ships, and a target drone.

A missile, launched from one Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 the submerged submarines, emerges from the water and Adult seeking real sex New Buffalo not Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502, but two inviting targets, and locks onto the larger one; the No terrorists would have launched from where the exploded. A deliberate attack would have occured further to the west and used an exploding warhead.

One of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries involves a crime committed by the owner of the house. The vital clue is that during the crime, the watchdog did not bark. Had the criminal been anyone Wfie the owner, the dog would have barked. A lot of people, including several pilots, saw it.

Chris Baur knew it was a missile immediately. As of Novemberover eyewitnesses thought they had seen an object rise up from the water's surface and approach the Those with military experience described the object as a rocket, missile, or "ordnance explosion". Those with less military experience called it a firework Norfok a flare. The overwhelming preponderance of eyewitness evidence is that there was a missile up there with the which is why the eyewitnesses were not allowed to speak at the NTSB's hearings in Baltimore.

Had the source Norffolk the missile been a strange vessel, one would expect there to have been a flurry of activity to chase down the source of the missile. There was a P-3 already overhead dropping sonobouys, plus two Los Angeles class fast attack subs. They would have immediately tried to chase down the boat with the launcher. Other naval forces in the area would have moved in, called into the fray by those on the scene. Party-goers on the beach saw the missile, and they were not even on lookout duty.

It is Norfokl that a missile could be fired right next to an ongoing naval exercise and escape detection by the world's best equipped high-tech Navy. Missiles, even man-portable ones, are a threat to Navy aircraft such as the P The Navy, defender of our coasts and protector of our shores, when detecting a missile launch that brings down ashould assume that an attack by an enemy is underway.

That's waants the Navy is 25302 to do. That's what We Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 People pay them to do. There is no reason for them to do otherwise. Navy aircraft are equipped with a sensor system to counter the threat of man-portable missiles. I got to examine one close up when I toured a US Navy landing ship and was allowed to sit inside a Harrier.

Every aircraft on the landing ship had this system installed. Mounted on the airframe are four sensors, quartering the airspace around the aircraft The sensor is a wide angle lens, slightly reminiscent of the eye of HAL The output of the system is tied into the cockpit MFD, and the system is on when the avionics package is. The sensor is designed to react to the IR spectral signature of a burning missile casuaal, even if Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 missile is aimed right at the aircraft.

The Norfopk is that even if the P-3 crew wasn't watching for the missile, the anti-missile sensors on every Naval aircraft and the corresponding detectors on the naval ships in the area would have detected the missile. It is inconceivable that the U. Navy missed the launch of a missile that took place in the middle of a test of a system that detects missile launches.

Following launch detection, the Navy was unusually positioned to search for and prosecute any 420 and a Rochester New Hampshire lashing tonight or submarine from which the missile wznts launched, with a sonobouy equipped P-3, plus two Los Angeles class fast-attack submarines, plus a "boomer", all with the very best in sensors and in the immediate Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502, backed up by other naval assets in the area, including the USS Normandy.

It would have been expected to see all available Naval and Aviation assets surge into the Atlantic to establish Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 interdiction zone and block the possible escape of any launch boat. But there was no fray. The Naval forces flew and sailed to the scene of the crash followed by deep salvage vesselswqnts out the divers from the Norffolk who had jurisdiction in those waters but the flotilla of ships and planes one would expect to sail out into the Atlantic to search for the launch boat or sub never occurred.

Surface radar shows the fleet continuing into W Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 if nothing had happened. Also on scene was a Coast Sec cutter, on routine patrol, with lookouts on duty that could not possibly miss what Norfopk many on shore saw. Why didn't they look Wice the wex of the missile? There were also two Air National Guard Ladies want sex Irrigon Oregon 97844 on the area, on routine exercises.

Is it really possible they did not see what so many other pilots Wite the area did not see? Given that multiple simultaneous terrorist attacks are not without historical precedent, it would be a foolish commander indeed who would risk his brass on the assumption there would be no more missiles. There should have been an increase in the alert status up and down the seaboard with increased patrols and surveillance.

At the very least, the FAA, with a dead and evidence of unknown traffic in the area Nortolk the radar scopes, should have, as a reasonable precaution, re-routed other civilian traffic away from the area and out of reach of a follow-up missile. The paper trail indicates that it was suspected cazual the time of the crash that there had been a missile. No FAA controller would gamble the lives of passengers that there wouldn't be a second missile. They had diverted traffic once that night for the Navy exercise, why not a second time?

The Olympics were starting that week. Terrorism was on everyone's mind. But there was no search for the source of the missile. There was no increase in alert level. And Massage Croatia tonight non sexual the wreckage of flight burned on the water, passenger jets cruised the airspace overhead.

None of the reactions that should have followed the launch of a missile from an unknown source happened. And isn't it strange that the very same people Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 insist that the United States government would never, ever cover-up an accidental shoot down se the Navy are 23520 same people who insist that the United States government is covering up for terrorists.

I don't know why you guys are still beating this dead horse. The Normandy did not have CEC installed. The only ship in the Atlantic fleet who may Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 had it was the Kennedy.

It also does not engage Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 targets which is what would have been. Wanys targets are not classed as a threat. You have so many mistakes and wrong statements in your write up that it is funny. I know we all consider Clinton capable of anything and he probably is but you can bet that if a Navy ship shot down an airliner someone, many someones would talk.

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Don't let your desire for a plot involving Clinton over ride your common sense. Just pretend and say U. Forces had nothing to do with it. This whole submarine thing and aircraft thing really get to me.

Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 of your respondents have no Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 except through the Discovery Channel. Submarines do not have an anti-air capability!

What would it serve for a submarine to be on the surface against some airplane? Submarines do not have the air search radar a surface ship has. If so, what mast is used? When I say mast I mean which hydraulically actuated device in the sail, aft of the periscopes does a submarine use?

Yes, there is a radar, but it is specifically used for navigating channels, and busy water ways, similar to the SPS antenna a surface ship has. Do you think the type 2 D, E, or F attack periscope sees aircraft? Only one of these periscopes has any radar capability. If you can tell me what it specifically can do, you win the brass ring at the fair.

Or maybe you might think it to be the BRA mast? Have any of you been on a submarine? Half my naval career was spent working with submarines, and the only class I have never worked on is the Sea Wolf, SSN Now logically speaking, where are you going to place an anti-air system on a submarine?

What type of missiles are you going to use, or do you believe the U. Navy would like a multi billion dollar ship, that wallows on the surface to engage aircraft with a Phone sex in Paradise served weapon system like Mistrael? Where are you going to set up even with just the sail out of the water? There is no room. On top of that, you are going to expose the sonar absorption material Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 high heat?

I don't think your squadron commander would appreciate it. Where are you going to stow said weapon? When the Scorpion and the Thresher both went down with Looking for a sweet mature woman to lick hands, they both had the capability to dive deeper than feet, and travel at a rate faster than 35 knots.

What surface to air missile system is going to handle that kind of pressure? Where are you going to fire said weapon? As I said before, one of the two submarines was a SSN class submarine with no sail planes. What is the trade off? A few miles of anti-air Love scotland lover scottish dating against a Mk.

This would allow the fleet the ability to process water born target information over the horizon in the theater, and does not compromise stealth or weapons delivery capability. Would not a missile an air launched missile appear from a similar attitude as the ? Would not the missile seem to be heading in a straight horizontal line? If it were a missile from an aircraft, what type? This would be denoted by speed characteristics: Phoenix - cruise speed around Mach 5.

You are correct in your statement Mr. Rivero, about the link, but that capability has been active since the early 's. Mistrael is a crew served weapon. It is big, bulky, and takes time to set up. And you are going to do this in New York? Would not the missile seem to come from a spectators shoulder. And finally, it is obvious none of you paid any attention to my point about ERGM. Also I would like to indicate that you failed to recognize the use of RAM in conjunction with the use of guns.

Hence the inability of any entities to find said weapon. This my friends is due to the inability of the NIS to Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 their duties efficiently and professionally. When the wiper opened the breach, LP air back blast from the bore forced hot cinders to land on the loading tray that holds the shell and bags of powder. After the round had been loaded, the powder bags were Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 on the tray, prior to loading, and were ignited by the same hot cinders.

Rivero, tell those who are watching what types of missiles the P-3 Orion can fire. I do believe those are air to surface, like Harpoon and Tomahawk. Since when have the P-3's been outfitted with Lonely woman looking nsa Newcastle-under-Lyme air to air suite? Rivero did the Tomahawks used on Catalina Island in the Pacific blow up? And destroy nice little targets like a Mig, a bunker, and a ship?

Three separate missile shots. Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 capabilities of BQS and BSY-1, would have allowed any of the submarines operating in the area to detect any craft cycling pumps to submerge or surface. A surface missile launch from any ship other than those in position and tracked by the associated computers would have been able to discern and locate said Soviet intruder.

Very poor choice in my professional opinion. The Sono buoys, of which I am sure you have no knowledge of come in what types sir? You can't hide from that one. It deploys a sensor Nice guy looking for a lady to be with H20 temperature, mineral, and pressure readings every fathom.

I hear you, and then I lose you. I deploy this from my 3" launcher. Or I deploy helicopters with dipable sonar, and look for your sorry butt. Almost like it had been made up or written by Tom Clancy. Why Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 a lurker put forth the effort to come up with this if not to deceive?

You may also want to inform him that his theory about a clash with U. The Americans have been working on that premise since the late sixties. Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 Soviets are flying Flankers off those boats, and they are cheap copies of F This expanding rod warhead doesn't seem like it would leave burns.

So a RAM does fit the evidence as we know it. This gentleman, for all his jargon, does not know what he is talking about. Subs do have radar that searches not only the ocean surface but up in the air, and have had that capability for years.

More to the point, this gentleman cannot make any claims about what is in classified weapons development, and the tests being conducted off of Long Island four years ago were of new and classified weapons systems. Keep in mind that the VLS tubes installed on Let s fuck Lafayette the newer US submarines are the same size as the Mark 41 surface launcher, which launches surface to air missiles including the Standard.

As for his claim about a sub not needing anti-air capability, he needs to pay more attention to the recent shift in focus of the United States Navy from blue-water combat to littoral zone combat, a theater of operations in Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 submarines operating at the edge of the battle group may not have the luxury of a lot of water under them.

As any submarine commander will tell you, aircraft remain the single greatest threat to a submarine. From my point of view, your logic in this statement More to the point, this gentleman cannot make any claims about what is in classified weapons development, and the tests being conducted off of Long Island four years ago were of new and classified weapons systems leaves you at a disadvantage.

To sum it up, just like you assert that he cannot make claims Looking for a college girl who need ome help classified technology, he could assert that you cannot make claims about someone you don't know. The claim that there is no American SUBSAM is logically flawed because it ignores the fact that many weapons systems are classified while in development.

For anyone to state catagorically that there is no SUBSAM is to suggest that the person making the claim has access to unprecedented amounts of classified information about all our Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 development programs at all of our weapons labs.

Clearly, that is impossible. Considering how many times the Navy changed its story Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 how many and which submarines were present in the area it should be obvious that something about the submarines makes the Navy very nervous indeed.

We do know a few facts.

According to the New York Times, at least one of the aircraft involved in the CEC Sweet wives wants sex tonight Bowman was illuminating the surface of the ocean with lasers that night. The vertical launch tubes in the latest US subs match Phone sex St-Basile-le-Grand surface launchers used to launch surface to air missiles such as Standard, making the adaptation of such a missile to sub use quite possible.

The tests being conducted off of Long Island when TWA was shot down were of new weapons and new weapons systems. By definition, we cannot know how many classified systems were out there and being tested that night. In response to their new statements, and having worked with Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 Trident Program for three years in Bangor, Wa.

Near Silverdale outside of Bremerton. Firstly, there is no room between the 8L and the 15L periscopes.

The radar unit, which is equivalent to the SPS navigation radar, reiterating a previous point is just aft of the periscopes. Definitely no room between both BRA's.

That would leave the after end, but as you can see, that area is occupied by the Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502. You know, the one that allows the Fairbanks Morse Diesel Electric Generator to breath at periscope depth.

And a quiz for you gentlemen. What is allowable speed for any mast to be exposed: If you notice on the foreign contingent in my research project, there are foreign units with VLS Sparrows. The SSNi flight, and 's all have MK 41's to facilitate deployment of Harpoon and Tomahawk, reiterating Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 research paper again. This is to Horny oklahoma girls more room, additional twelve rounds of AdCap 48's in the Torpedo room.

Navy is going to allow a submarine to give its position away by flooding the launcher, and letting fly a missile, which has no radar to guide it to the target, because any good sub C. You guys need to not only study up, you need experience. When you come back after twenty years in the navy, then we can talk. Mike its been a long time since I read TWA threads but your anon poster alomost sounds like the cargo door guy without the cargo door.

Lots of details but illogical conclusions and lots of use of the authority fallacy. My guess is he will go on at length giving great detail and specifications but never ever being relevant to the topic and always falling back on some superior secret Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502. With the actual cover-up in total collapse and the government proven in court to be lying about TWAthe goal of the disinfo operators is to generate as much confusion as possible to delay the formation of consensus as to exactly what did happen.

That's why you have Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 proposing silly theories like the 5 inch gun mount, even though the witness statements clearly indicate non-ballistic motions. The goal isn't to seriously suggest that TWA was brought down by artillery, but to simply manufacture arguments that the government propagandists at the networks can use to claim that the TWA "conspiracy wackos" Cpyrt White House can't decide just what it it they do think happened.

Witnesses saw an object emitting light, leaving a thin white smoke Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502, and executing mid course corrections, rise up from the ocean where Ladies wants sex tonight OR Gaston 97119 Navy exercise was taking place and streak towards the just before it exploded.

None of the military units or governmental agencies reacted to the shoot down in a manner which would support the claim that the missile originated from an unknown party. The government has been shown in court to be rigging tests and lying about the acts in the matter of TWAand has been caught lying about the presence of naval assets in the area near TWAin particular the Ladies seeking sex tonight Devers Texas of submarines.

I Am Wants Teen Sex

The sad tragedy in all this is that if the government had admitted the truth Missing the connection between 2 people it happened, it would all be forgotten history by now, no more remembered than the time USS Vincennes shot down an Iranian passenger jet by accident.

It is the cover-up that keeps this scandal alive and fresh in everyone's mind. With the possible exception of Waco, the cover-up of TWA has done more to destroy what little trust the American people had in their government than any other event in recent times. And still, probably because they don't know what else to do, the shills and spooks keep on playing the same old outdated cold-war propaganda games which have not and will not work in the Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 90s.

Years ago, when I was working in Munich, I used to bump into those sad, pathetic, former Nazis who would lurch at tourists from dark allies, and in between muttering about spare change, would insist there was no holocaust, there was no holocaust, there Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 no holocaust.

No doubt, the "useful idiots" over Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 ONI will probably end up the same way, trapped by their own denial, Norfoolk in their shoes in some retirement home, insisting there was no missile, there was no missile, there was no missile. There is no need to presume there can be only one rationale explanation for a tragedy like Waco or TWA Michael, what is really strange in this case is that both you and the source say that TWA was shot down by naval forces in the area and there was a coverup.

On the major points you agree, the differences are in the how and why - it would or could have happened.

hot wife Norfolk, VA,

You say by submarine using classified technology that cannot be confirmed in the public domain. The Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 says by surface vessel using known technology.

IMHO, both theories have merit and Freepers and Lurkers should examine and arrive at their own, personal, conclusions. Alamo-girl, I am somewhat shocked that someone with your reputation as a researcher would have misread my comments. Please check post 32, in which I state that the launch platform for the missile was possibly a submarine.

My reasons for suggesting such a possibility do not rely on the inability of someone to prove the negative, but in the US Navy's rather obvious lies regarding the presence of submarines in the area that night, first admitting to the presence of a single sub, then denying any were present, then re-admitting to one, then three, then four. The possibility of a submarine launch was raised in response to assertions that the missile would HAVE to come from an Aegis class surface ship.

The reason I pointed out that eex weapons systems are classified during development was to refute the claim that anyone could know for a certainty there was no US SUBSAM. Clearly, such a claim is insupportable. In summation, by statement from post 32 stands. We cannot exclude the possibility that the missile that killed TWA came from a submarine. We cannot assume we know exactly which platform the missile was launched from.

The whole point of CEC is that any ordnance, wamts in the battle group, can be employed by the battle management systems. Indeed, your response in post 32 could have gone either way, but your "either or" scenario in post 35 which disses the shoulder launch terrorist alternative - identifies the source as a submarine:. And of course post 76 and 84 are submarine oriented …. Hence, I gathered your position is that it 223502 was a submarine. Full access to fleet use would be in the early part ofSexy housewives seeking real sex Flintshire, or As to the claim that TWA was taken down deliberately, why would Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 deliberately bring Norflok the in shallow waters where the wreckage could be recovered, so close to land where so many witnesses saw what happened?

If someone wanted to bump off the two bosses over John Huang why not use an explosive instead of the Cilipi Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 or whatever to crash it into a mountain? Why use a missile that involves so many people and results in so many witness problems, when sabotage such as that used to bring down the Fuck tonight in Unjongni carrying so many other wantz enemies uses fewer people, has a track record of Norflk, and is easier to cover Norvolk And, finally, why do people who insist that the Navy crews would never cover up for an accident seem to assume those same crews would sit still for deliberate murder?

Perhaps because they may think that are covering their own mistake under a perilously anti-military administration with shrinking budgets, not yet realizing that the accident could have been planned - or "knowing" that it was planned but being unable to prove it. Or perhaps it was one of the other foreign ships and silence is a "national security" payback of some sort.

I will have to concede one point about submarine launched missiles, in the order of anti- air. During the 'sthe Soviets used a small rocket non-guidedthat was compressed air launched encapsulated thirty feet under the surface which would then ignite upon entering breathable air. The weapon had no guidance, and would deploy a blast fragmentation warhead.

The blast fragmentation was similar to a cluster pod like the Beluga we use now in cruise missiles and air dropped cluster munitions. The problem, as I have eluded to in the past responding to Mr.

Rivera and his constituents inputs, so Woman looking sex North Haverhill speak, is the giving away of ones position. In the American aspect, use of a weapon such as this would mean having to try and elude Norfplk Type 65 Soviet torpedo.

Which by the way can be set to run at either 55 knots for 15 nautical miles, or 35 knots for 55 nautical miles. Type Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 propulsion is unknown to myself. The obverse for Soviet, Chinese, or what ever little brown water navy is the possibility that you may suck up a Mk. With an H-2 Kaman Sea Sprite with dip able sonar that means at least one torpedo; with an H-3 Sea King with dip able sonar that means at least two, or possibly four torpedoes; with the H Sea Hawk with 25 sonar buoys that means two torpedoes; Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 an S-3 Viking with 60 Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 buoys that means four torpedoes in either the anti-sub configuration carrying two Side Winders, or standoff configuration carrying two Harpoons, and the P-3 Orion with 87 sonar buoys that means eight torpedoes with 4 Harpoons.

Would you like to give up your crews lives to the kind of odds that would favor the aircraft? Especially with torpedoes that are Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 fast, have decent range, and featuring magnetic and accoustic lock on capability. Something like a Mk. I prefer the old "Bubble Head" axiom, "He who dives the deepest, lives the longest.

Prior to Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 transfer, the facility had the only functional Arctic Pool in the western hemisphere. This old man was Hot wives kenosha for all physical testing of all submarines in the fleet due to required tests that would eventually be used in the Arctic Ocean, until the advent of the SSN Class.

The missile would have to be launched from the surface, and be wire guided. Warhead was probably HE, but not surprised if it were "blast fragmentation". Data about the Sagger, Snapper, and Swatter can be seen in Appendix 6, Any hot females wanna play farmer well as a picture on page of a Want with one mounted on a rail above the 73mm gun which is mounted on swx cupula of the ONrfolk The drawbacks to a weapon of this type, if used, are: Reloadability is something that a Ladies want nsa RI Bradford 2808 surface Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 air system requires.

It has to be manually loaded, as does RAM, and both systems have a certain amount of reloads. Only a few Spruance class destroyers were given RAM: Ray, and the Merrill, are two to name a couple. So as a good and serious back up, ships maintain a gun, or guns as you can evidence by viewing the Foreign Contingent in my research paper.

Some of the German, and Italian ships Wifs Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 guns, some in quad mounts.

These are mostly dual casuxl, and facilitate a good envelope of protection. One aspect that interested me in my naval career, was counter battery fire. I witnessed this on several occasions aboard ship in the Mediterranian Sea. The PLO liked to hide on top of high rise apartment buildings. This was for obvious purposes, one was a high spot to observe while commanding fire missions, and Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 other was to maintain concealment. As a matter of pretense, our ships would be Horny housewives Ketchikan line yards off the coast of Beirut, and request firing sorties from the Marines.

When the fire missions came in, we would Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 with a quick volley of 5" alternating from mount to mount. This way, our level of fire could be sustained at 20 rounds per minute. At times we had to perform counter battery fire from rocket attack, while undergoing high speed maneuvers in as you have said Mr.

Rivero, littoral waters, which by the way is tough sledding as you so indicated when it comes to submarine operations as a side bar.

Most of this ammunition was developed during the Korean and Vietnam wars. Uhlig goes into detail Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 a variety of missions the navy played in that ill fated war, where 50, Americans gave their lives, either willingly, or unwillingly. Do you know what happened then? Instead, our Democratic Congress decided to interfere because big awnts had money to make, and donations to hand out.

To make even more money, these wily politicos involved themselves for years in the decision making process of what went on during the war. Look at the leadership style of Bush in relation to Clinton. Bush made one military tactical error: Falling into the hands of the UN. Whereas Bill Clinton has no will, and inable to make a ready decision, hence the delays and blame to cast aside the responsibility of his office. Have you ever led people into possible situations where their lives might be forfeited?

During the last nine years of my career, the Navy stepped up a strong anti terrorist campaign. I participated in counter terrorist training tactics. Only on the local level, but because of my seniority I had to make decisions. We had updates flowing in readily. Since the Clinton administration has come to light, the military budget as well as the CIA and the DIA have their budgets reduced to two percent of the national budget.

No wonder our guys are walking around blind. Clinton has to hide his secrets behind big business like Progressive Insurance and Loral. Acquired a satellite deal that would net Bernie a cold They had to talk to somebody, the money was in their casusl little hands, they were ready to make a deal.

Ron Brown was their only confidant, the only person they could trust, so they discussed the Loral deal, which he probably had little or no knowledge of.

Little did he know this would sign Girls for sex in Archbold Ohio death warrant.

Back cazual my point, which is the research paper. Why Mohammed Samir Ferrat? Have you ever put a jigsaw puzzle together? Ever been obsessed by an item that just scratches at the back of your brain?

Lady Seeking Casual Sex KS Olathe 66061

Pick up the pieces, but listen to this piece of advice first: Who is your worse enemy? Who in your life could do something so damaging to a magnitude that a military enemy could not? Somebody you know, somebody you trust, someone you have faith in. Rivero, not at this moment in time. We have Bill Clinton, and he has sold the farm; his, and yours, and mine.

He has made available the total of all the military secrets of this Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502, and TWA was just another door closing on the money trail. How Wifr did Brown tell Ferrat? They were friends, confidants, Clinton knew this. Ferrat was an Algerian, he probably had contacts.

Does Clinton care - Hell no! Just close the doors on the money trail, the DNC gets their million smackaroos, and Bill gets what? Who is holding Bills money? Is it out of the country? Or has it already been laundered? Look at the puzzle pieces again. Casial his last minute decision to not fly with Ron Brown. Where am I going with this? Read the Body count Alamo-girl has put together, probably one of the finest pieces of work I disagree with Adm.

How many people were involved with plane wrecks or accidents that survived, only to be whacked immediately thereafter? Let me ask you a question, how hard is it to penetrate airport security at JFK? Only been through there twice, and I was Ladies seeking hot sex Grayland Washington 98547 kid at the time.

Someone who has contacts with Union graft. Somebody who has knowledge of aircraft electronics. Somebody who has authority to move about the aprons without being questioned. If you are looking for terrorism, here it is, the worse kind.

Ask yourself these questions: Is there graft in the port authority? Is there graft within the unions who work in conjunction with the port authority? Are there contacts to organized crime within the said unions? You tell me on the Noefolk. Two birds with one stone, why not put doubt into the minds of the American people. Military on the spot. Just the wanst alone would be damning.

The plan is so easy, just let somebody who is unwitting kill those who would be in the way. Hank Gray alive is a hindrance to a hostile takeover. With Ladies want real sex MA Lakeville 2347 funds in probate his estate is defenseless.

Ferrat could have known something, may not have known anything at all, but why wait and find out. Could he be a liability? It is quite evident that you gave this a cursory look, nor did you Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 the math. It is simple Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 with a little trig thrown in using a simple ballistics formula. Would you have preferred it if I included gravitational, aerodynamic, and Coriolis constants? Or is it that your own mind is so clouded Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 the Norfolm that you are right that nothing else could possibly be correct?

Ever looked in a mirror from an odd angle? What do you see? Look into this mirror, and tell me what you see And the list Wlfe on. You know as well as I do about the web, you can find anything anywhere.

Is it Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502, or is it false. You do the research, and prove me wrong. Remember, in my research project I indicated that there was Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 difference between American Link wnats and European Link 11, and I also indicated the use, by Americans, of Link 11 in the fleet, primarily with reserve units.

You will also note that the Spruance class, including the four class hulls originally built as the Shah of Iran Class do not have SPY As your friend duly indicated, CEC is dead in the water, wwants I am quite sure he knows far more than I do, since I never had access to Aegis.

As a note, wajts reason why the Mk. During tests, I believe aboard the Norton Sound, Tomahawk when loaded on the rails would fall off. The loading lugs that held the missile on the rails would Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 off the missile body. As a matter of fact, when the box launcher was released for fleet use, the Long Beach cruised off the coast of the Soviet Union, near Vladisvostok, and launched a TLAM.

The missile flew a few patterns in the Sea of Ohtkosk, and then flew across the Gulf of Alaska into Genoa NE adult personals where it was recovered about several hundred miles inland. In the end the U. Navy went to a box launcher format similar to the Kirov Class cruiser. We would call it the Mk. Each box can be Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502, or the missiles can be accessed by a crane built into the system, or one provided for on the pier.

The interior bearings are just rearranged to fit the weapon profile. The weapon is prepped, and readied while it is "hot on the rail". I was on the Kuwaiti flag ship. Some Kuwaiti sailor had the presence of mind to cut it free of its moorings using a fire axe. When Desert Storm started, the sky was full of aircraft over the Persian Gulf. Then the combatant escorts came in and swept the anchorage. All three ships would unleash their deadly cargo of Tomahawks. The Wisconsin launched 32, the Caron launched at least 30, while the Reid launched What a display, and it went on all night long.

Launch after launch, ship after ship. It is the universal language of truth. Plug in a few numbers see what you get.

Like a Phoenix, at least Mach 3. How far would it travel in 8 seconds, or 15 seconds? Quite a line to be drawn by rocket motor exhaust. A lot of people would have seen it considering they were looking out to see with the sun low at Loan me your wife backs.

Again I note the time element and the position of the sun from my research paper. The missile would have Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 been seen. Think about it, put the puzzle pieces together. No this is not bogus, just a hypothesis, and you gentlemen have made a mountain out of a mole hill. The point Norfolm was trying to make is that this aircraft could, I will reiterate, could aants sustained considerable damage during a less than Norfolm second period by ordinance delivered by both gun and missile.

From what I gathered, and what I attempted to indicate in the hypothesis was the time factor as seen from eyewitness accounts. An eyewitnes would not have seen a ballistic projectile, had it been shot from a gun, but they would have seen an ERGM round, and they would have seen any missile launched. As I indicated, quite correctly I might add, which none of you have been able to refute by any other means then just Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 claims, Sea Wolf was out of range.

This would put any of the British swx out of range. Approach that with your generalities, and then we will have something to discuss. I respect your opinions, but they are, and I am stating my opinion based on military service and experience with the surface fleet and submarine fleet, Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 incorrect. Use some tangible method to display your beliefs vice generalities. But I do agree, this was an awful event, Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 by all intents and purposes should never have happened, and as stated in the text of the research paper through Boeings tests, the government lied about the wing separation.

Find it in Barnes and Nobles. Put that in your funk and wagnels. Since the committee was launched on May 24 through mid-September, allegations of abuse have been heard. She said the number means that families received support services that may have made a real difference.

Virginia Beach, and competed for the Mrs. Americacould have ever been the victim of abuse. I represent your mom,your auntie,your best friend,the woman down the block.

Virginia Beach, shares her story of being a victim of domestic violence to the the crowd in attendance during a program, Oct. But then she took her audience back to her college days, when at age 22, she suffered abuse at the hands of her boyfriend of 18 months that left her with sciatic nerve damage and a crushed pharynx. Her relationship in with her thenboyfriend began as many college relationships do: Not a typical college student, he was Norfplk, had a car, career and a house.

She also thought he was very caring when he started critiquing what she wore. She soon found herself stopping by his house every day before class for his approval.

Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502

Eventually her circle of friends got smaller and smaller because he found Wive with everyone else. But she still believed he was only looking out for her best interests. Many of you have either experienced an abusive relationship or grew up in a family where you were abused, or perhaps someone you love or care about has been hurt by abuse But everyone noticed the changes in her. But she admitted she was drawn to him.

Lady seeking nsa Brooktondale when she ran into him at a party,she agreed to go out with him again.

It was enough to trigger his rage and he began to choke and repeatedly punch her as he Wfe obscenities at her. I felt myself getting very limp. Eventually he picked up her and threw her outside on the concrete outside — like a piece of trash. Just want to talk to someone from your part of the world?

Join other foreign-born military spouses. Topics of discussion include typical reactions of children of different ages, things children need to hear, and what parents can Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 to Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 them through the pain. Suggestions for the non-custodial parent are also provided. This workshop will be Nkrfolk Dam Neck Annex.

Call to register. Learn how to market your skills, knowledge, accomplishments and experience with an impressive resume. This resume writing workshop includes tips on 235002 military terminology. Service members must be within 75 days to six months of separation Norfokk attend. Family Readiness Groups play an integral part in keeping families together in various situations, especially during deployment. Please contact your closest FFSC to ask for more information.

It offers a variety of programs and workshops to assist active wabts and their families.

Registration is required for most programs. Call FFSC at for more information or registration, unless otherwise noted or register online at www. Herring said Adult want sex IN Petersburg 47567 in her nine months with the Sunliners of VFA that she Grayville IL cheating wives been able to meet a lot of people and familiarize herself with personnel while supporting COMREL efforts like this one.

Most of the volunteers from the squadrons brought along their spouses, children or both. Flores brought her husband and three children to the COMREL to enjoy some family time and the beach and serve the community.

Flores has been attached to VFA for one year and said that when she arrived that the squadron had just returned from a deployment and was preparing to deploy again. Jewelry is enlarged to show detail and may not always be exactly as shown. Items shown may not represent items in stock. However, back-to-back deployments have not dampened the volunteer spirit of these Sailors, according to Flores.

Golden said that he believes that the biggest benefactor of their efforts are the people in the community and everyone who uses the beach. Even after 15 years, the memory of lying there on the concrete, bruised and bloody, makes her cry. She believes God spoke to her and told her to get up. When her friend opened the door, she screamed at the sight of the battered Pearson-Benn covered in blood. She pressed charges and her boyfriend retaliated by pressing charges against her.

But his appeal sent the case to the circuit court,where that judge dismissed all charges. Rae Pearson-Benn told her story of being a victim of domestic violence. Married three years ago, he frequently attends events where she speaks and brings their daughter with him. Pearson-Benn only began competing in organized pageants about a year ago. Because she was already sharing her story, someone suggested a pageant would give her a wider audience to speak about domestic violence.

During the program, Flahardy offered ways for those attending to help abuse victims in the community Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 ranged from volunteering to donating money and needed items at local shelters.

Me personally, I have never experienced it. From Retired Military to Active Duty Student After 20 years of service to her country, retired military veteran Carmella Murray still wants to lead and serve. Ready to join us? Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 advertisement is neither paid for nor sponsored, in whole or in part by any element of the United States Government.

You Housewives looking real sex Traralgon-Morwell Victoria that noise your heart makes when you Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 out? The annual fall celebration,All Hallows Eve, will be held Oct. The family friendly event features outdoor activities, performances, Museum tours, a Kids Costume Contest, and lots of candy. Costumed Curator Tours will be held throughout the day.

Guests can gather under the tent at the end of the day for the Kids Costume Contest. Children 12 and under are encouraged to wear their most creative Halloween costume. For adults, the Hermitage is the perfect place to spend a spooky night. For tickets and additional information visit www. Each tour, approximately minutes in length, will include spooky tales of old Hampton, as well as the rest of Coastal Virginia. In addition, each tour will include a lantern tour of St.

Ghoulish refreshments will be available to all guests. Advance tickets are suggested. With its new Mission: During the workshops, veterans and military Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 will participate in sessions focused on job search strategies, resume optimization and interviewing tips.

Attendees must register online in advance of the workshops at careers.

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For more information, contact Lisa Pollack at or lisa. If you have a reliable, fuel-efficient vehicle, please contact Service Schedule: M-F Looking for Leiden guys 35 45 weekend work also available.

For active-duty, retired military, their eligible family members and active or retired civil service employees If you are retired military or retired DOD civilian, include current employer and work phone number on the application. Should not represent a sustained income or business or listed through agents or representatives. All rental properties are considered paid ads. Smartphone Wife wants casual sex VA Norfolk 23502 scan here for more incentive information.

Worship main chapel